Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey folks...it's tornado season...take it from someone who has lived in The Alley my entire life...just STAY OUT OF THE WAY. Refer to this post if you need a refresher course. And please, if you don't or those in your community don't take that advice...please don't get on the news and tell me how it a.) sounded like a freight train, and b.) tell me how your community is pulling together to make something of your warzone. So far its the worst season in twenty years, it's not the worst ever, and it's not a 'sign of the times'...it's the weather, it gets crazy every few years, it's the way the planet operates, it's cyclical climate ebb and flow, it's happened for millinnia, it will continue to happen for the same.

Of course, for those of us in The Kingdom, we have skipped The Alley for more stable environs. We left on Sunday for sunny CO. As opposed to where Le Castille is, where it hit the lower 90's today and expecting upper 90's tomorrow, we are happily basking in mid-60's and looking for a nice April shower tomorrow. Therefore, we are hitting the North American Wildlife Museum for 1/3 homeschool field trips on the slate for this week.

On the way here we detoured to the Bishop's Castle in SECO. I hadn't been there since...lord, maybe '83, the brotha has made some progress since i last saw his requiem to a dying world. Still and even, it's a sight to behold. If you get a couple hours and its a nice day...circumnavigate yourself the extra hour and get some fresh air and sunshine in the San Isabel n.p. It's a beautiful drive.

The Royals loved the Castle! I had promised them a surprise that would make their heads spin and i didn't disappoint. It was a grand adventure for them all! Though The Drama Princess didn't much care for the swaying tendencies of the lower spire and didn't go all the way to the top. I didn't allow the other two adrenaline junkies to accompany me to the very top spire in the tallest tower, it was just too treacherous for them as Mr. Bishop isn't governed by OSHA standards...at all.

Oddly enough, HRH declined the trip to the above picture. The adrenaline junkie of the family had her limit and decided to stay in safer, less moving terrain with The Queen, who is apparently bereft of adrenaline, and the X, who has too much to make the trek. These two, again as odd as it may seem, didn't mind the swaying and stayed with me to the top. As you can see, the wind was whipping through the enclosure and slowly swayed the entire structure...which added to the pucker factor.

Anyhoo, it will be interesting to see Mr. Bishop's progress in a few more years. That's about it, by batteries are wearing down...and not just on the computer.


Bag Blog said...

Dang! You are wearing coats.

Jesse said...

Lindz and I went to the Bishop Castle several years ago - it was an experience!