Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Just to convince myself that my skillz are still intact after my hiatus due to real work...i decided to do some cooking tonight.  Granted, i cooked last night but it was pretty straightforward...shrimp prawns in a yellow Thai curry and some Thai basil chicken with stir fried veggies on jasmine rice, oh and i did do some of my infamous ginger soup.  Although i did  cheat a bit earlier in the day when i hit the local Asian market here in Aurora and threw a few prepared delicacies in the basket- sesame and garlic seaweed, some fish cakes, and some kale kimchi (at least i think it was kale).  The fish cakes were gone before dinner hit the table and i finished off the seaweed for breakfast.  I loves me some cold sesame'd seaweed.
I've successfully digressed.  Last night was good, but i was wanting to do something a little more Korean tonight...so we busted out some pork bulgogi, stir fried jasmine rice, and a couple different kinds of kimchi, broccoli and cucumber.  I gotta say, my favorite Korean restaurant in South Central may be losing some business if i'm craving some bulgogi...it was that kinda good.  Everybody feasted...young and old.

Papa and Honey's kitchen is my second favorite place to cook, its big, well lit, its got a handy island, and gas burners.  Folks, there ain't nothin like a good blue flame to cook on...unless it's outside over an animal fat blackened grate that sizzles and smokes when something marinated is applied.  On top of that, Papa always has something shot wild in the freezer e.g. elk roast, antelope backstrap, mule deer tenderloin...the good stuff.  I don't know where that pig came from tonight, or even if it was pig, it mighta been some antelope tenderloin, i didn't really look.  All i know is that it was wrapped in white paper, and it was red meat...that's all i needed. 

Sorry, no food porn tonite, it was gone before i considered any pics.  Suffice to say...my jones has been cured...and its time for bed.

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Food porn. Heh.