Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Deeper things...

The Queen and i, being childless for the weekend, are very busy today...painting. i have much to do to prepare for that i.e. have little time to blog. I'll leave you with an ongoing conversation between the good Doc and i recently...

Knowing comes naturally, passively, like breathing out. It's resisting knowing, denial, that requires effort. And it's believing that requires the greatest paradoxical effort of all, because it requires conscious, rather than passive, relaxation. Believing is a cessation of denial. Believing is fully accepting what we've already known all along.

The Piper:
Interesting how one can choose to believe in falsehood rather than truth whether by ignorance or by knowledge. Ignorance by simply not knowing truth in the first place and not having a desire to discover the reality, and knowledge in discovering the truth and not accepting it because of its reality. It is then, the denial part that is the greatest cancer of the soul...when one chooses to deny truth and accepts the deception in place of it...that is a very dangerous, albeit wider path indeed.


Doc said...

That cancer you're referring to goes beyond denial and into the believing the deception. The ability to believe a falsehood that one's soul knows to be a falsehood is the cancer you speak of. We call it self-deception. An apt term on a number of levels. It is the self deceiving the self, taking on both roles, deceiver and deceived.

We see it most often, I think, in marriage, when one partner is cheating on the other. The cheated partner knows, refuses to know, will even abandon friends who try to force them to face the truth. They enable until some watershed event makes it utterly impossible to deny any longer. Then, strangely enough, at least part of their anger at the cheating spouse results from being denied the plausible screen of self-deception that has preserved their world for as long as it has--anger at having that wider, easier path of belief in falsehood yanked from under them.

The easiest person to deceive is always ourselves, ourselves always the hardest to be honest with.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

if more is said here, i think it would be detractive of what is now penned.