Friday, June 12, 2009

Road Ettikket...

So today's post has been a tough edit or not to edit. Since i don't know the entire scope of my readership (still amazed at the "Oh hey...i read your blog" statements thrown my way) i've decided as Editor in Chief to PG-13 this one.

For those of you having the good fortune of knowing my FIL, you know that he is a complete original. With the ability to function in full capacity as lightening rod and thunderhead, and at times, simultaneously. Which makes him just that much more magnetic. He has a loud, somewhat abrasive, yet highly infectious laugh, that you can hear distinctly over the din of most crowds...and you instinctively smile knowing he is in there...somewhere...with smiles all around him...most of the time.

While we were in CO visiting a couple weeks ago, on the way to play some golf, he relayed to me this little event...(here's where the editing starts, and like i said, for those of you who know...well, you know)

"I'm driving down the road one day a couple weeks ago, minding my own * business, talking to a client on the phone. Its a beautiful day so i have my window rolled down enjoying the sun and the breeze...when all of a sudden, this grizzled old * biker on his rickety * Harley comes alongside and he turns and SCREAMS in MY * window...

"HEY! GET OFF THE *FREAKING* PHONE!" and proceeds on his way in front of me.

***I was shocked...i hadn't cut him off, i hadn't been going too slow...he was just pissed that I was on the *freaking* phone.

So up at the next stop light, i rolled up next to him as he sat on his bike..."Excuse know what? You're right about the phone, i shouldn't be talking while driving...NOW GET A *FREAKING* HELMET!!!" The light turned green and i gunned it laughing hysterically...while the * was cussing me a blue flame with all the accompanying gestures."

That, my friends, IS my FIL. And that's why we love him.

Tonight, while we celebrate a birthday with some friends, i'll raise a toast to you Papa...we love ya!


man2followJESUS said...

Waaaahhhhhhhahahahahaha! That's a scream...and I can just hear him sayin' it too! That is just hilarious! Two cheers for Eric!

Bob said...

But why would a helmet be freaking out?

(I'm on storm duty -- at little slow here at 2:00.)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! And so like my dad to do that. Give 'em heck man!

Auntie Dee Dee

Bag Blog said...

I thought this was great. Now we know where the Queen gets her wisdom and where the Prince gets his looks.

Doc said...

Oh, I like him a lot!