Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tentatively speaking...

Man, i've been cookin' all day! We're gearing up for Fall Camp with our church and i'm tryin' to get all the food ready for the weekend. The meals are all basically a big potluck so its like a huge old school home cooked buffet! So today consisted of Texas brisket chili, seafood jambalaya, creole rice pudding, and Kahlua infused brownies with extra Lindt chocolate chunks...yeah baby!

I got the tent down outta the attic awhalla go. We had thought that it was gonna be too cold for tentin' but i got to thinkin' that me and The Prince could swing it. Its supposed to get down into the 30's...i think we can do it. Besides, like The Good Southern Gentlemen puts it..."that ain't really campin', its sleepin' outside." Well, he's right, whattya expect from a Marine? We have a 10 man hotel, a self inflating mattress that is like 4 feet thick, it may have bedposts. We eat in a huge, somewhat rustic lodgehouse with a SWEET kitchen equipped with professional everything...So no, we're not really campin'...but hey, it beats sittin' in front of the tube watchin' football all weekend.

I'm taking my smoker...gonna drive alot of folks crazy with the aroma's rolling off that baby.

So...blogging will be light til Monday...we're headed for the...what passes for mountains here in SW Oklahoma.


diamond dave said...

Save some goodies for the rest of us. Or at least, the memories of said goodies.

Buck said...

Have fun, Jay. You made me slobber ALL over myself, yet again, with your menu... ;-)