Monday, October 27, 2008


For seven years
We've walked this space
I as your devoted husband
You as my beloved wife
We've laid four crowns
At one anothers feet
To grace our heads begem our life

For seven years
We travel together
Ascending ever above
This wretched sphere
To you I am joyfully indentured
Wholly devoted
Year after blessed year

For seven years
We've had nothing
But Grace
Mercy and Peace
To guard those remains
My ultimate duty
Desirous of no release

For seven years
I've had you
And you me
We hold this
Our precious treasure
A love that few have known
Fewer still could measure

For seven years...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever tell you, that, you married way up as did I. Yeah, congrats.
Big Bro

Bag Blog said...

Happy anniversary! I remember attending your wedding - before I even knew you very well. I'm glad I did and that I have that memory and that we have become family.

And yes, you did marry up.

Junk Diva said...

Beautiful...... You guys bless me.

Buck said...

Happy Anniversary!