Monday, October 27, 2008


I don't know how many of you have ever even heard of Wayman but he was a giant in more than one way here in OK. I remember the first time i saw was at a TU/ORU college basketball game he walked in right behind my Dad and i. My Dad taps me on the shoulder and i turned around and looked up...and up...and Dad whispered in my ear, "You see that kid right there...he's gonna be an All American someday, that's Wayman Tisdale from Booker T." Its funny, i remember Wayman wearing a red Kangol that night and a really cool sweatsuit...i don't know why i remember that.

The next time i saw him, at least not on the basketball court, was at the airport just a couple years ago. He was waiting at the same gate as i was, he was going to Dallas, we were going to Denver. He had his bass and was talking to a friend with him. I'm not an autograph hound so i just smiled and nodded and i think he got it. When the call to board came for him, he got up, picked up his bass, looked at me and said, "Those sure are some cute girls you got there." and gave me that classic Wayman smile. If the NBA had more players like Wayman, i'd still be a huge fan. He was a good kid, a great player, and now even a better man. He's one of the good guys. If you get a chance, buy his albums...the dude can P-L-A-Y!!

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