Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's snapshots...

Its been a good day...right now i'm sitting here watching P2 taking practice strokes at St. Andrews (Old Course). Yeah, she just hit one from about 140 out to within 8 feet...not bad for a four year old eh? Must be the Jimmy Buffett strains she's imbibing, A Pirate Looks At Forty is always good golfin' music. OK, so its on the XBOX but still...pretty good for one who's just learned to ride a bike, inline skates, and can almost make her own way through Dr. Suess's ABC book.

Did a birthday party today...it was pretty cool. The honorable chatelaine is 8 today. A whole slew of friendly muppets showed up. They hunted treasure, played red light/green light, red rover, and did some more treasure huntin'. Cake and ice cream were in abundance, as were lots of tasty cold lemonade. All set in a two story country cottage with a wrap around wooden porch overlooking a beautiful lily pad covered pond in the distance...what more could a kid ask for in birthday party?

Oh here ya go for a nice ending... We're sitting around the dinner table tonight where i had laid a spread of grilled country style ribs with Papa Piquante's (thats me) special rub, garlic mashed tater's and sweet peas. I'm swirling a chunk of that rib in the goodie that has run out of the rest of'em in the rib plate.

"Anyone else want any au jus?"

P2 shoots me her Inquisitor's glance, "Daddy, why you talkin' Spanish?"

"Baby, that's not Spanish its French...say it with me...aaaaah zhzhzhoooo"


"Good girl, Uncle Buck would be proud."

HRH The Drama Princess decides to add to the conversation, "How do you say that in sign language?"

(blink) Lord.

And just so you don't wonder...


Bag Blog said...

I'm sure there is a sign for gravy.

Jenny said...

Kids on game systems are amazing. I have to work HARD to beat my then 5 year old (now 6) at Star Wars: Battlefront (I and II). He was working on Guitar Hero last night. We are all about building eye-hand coordination here! LOL!

Buck said...

"Good girl, Uncle Buck would be proud."

Ah. THAT made my day, Jay... and Good On Her! Assuming, of course, I'm the Uncle Buck in question. There are more than a few Bucks runnin' around... or so I'm told. ;-)

Doc said...

ROTF! Kids ask the greatest questions! A friend had (pause) "the conversation" with her daughter recently. Last question she asked: "You and Daddy didn't have to do that did you?" "Well, sweetie, you do have a baby brother, so at least twice, honeypie. At least twice."