Monday, December 31, 2007

Holy Guacamole Batman!

OK, i receive numerous requests for this throughout the year and i FINALLY took the time to actually write it down. So, if you are one of the countless millions searching for a great guacamole recipe, i'm now releasing this to the general public. Of course, i'm open to any monetary gratuities sent my way for supplying you unmarrieds a fiance, and you married's another child. And with this being New Year's Eve, everyone needs a little of these to start the year off right...

Holy Guacamole

6 avocado's
1 yellow onion
1 lemon or lime
Pico de Salsa
Tony Cachere's Creole Seasoned Salt

Remove the outer shell and seed from the avocados (if you don't know how to easily cut an avocado, see this website for a fantastic short tutorial. A potato masher is the best way to prepare the avocado's at this point (of course the Pampered Chef Mix N Masher is unbeatable)but if not just put them in a food processor and pulse until desired consistency, again, i like mine chunky so 3-4 pulses is good. The mayonnaise is important, you can get too much, i recommend a good heaping tablespoon for starters, adjust as needed. For a 6 avocado dish i would recommend mixing in about 3/4- 1 cup of Pico de Salsa. Add a tablespoon of Tony's and taste with tortilla chip, adjust seasoning. When you have it like you want it, place in a serving bowl and squeeze the lemon over the top of the entire bowl of guacamole, this will help keep the guac from browning or turning color should it last long enough to do so.

Yield: about a quart, depending on how much you eat.

Of course, in order to properly prepare the guac you'll need the Pico de Salsa...

Pico de Salsa

Since i rarely measure anything these are all ballpark figures, please feel free to adjust the recipe to fit your desires for your own perfect salsa.

6 Roma tomatoes
1 jalapeno
1 lemon
1 lime
fresh garlic
fresh cilantro
Tony Cachere's Creole Season Salt (or equiv.)

Core or slice off the stem ends of the Roma’s, and then quarter them. Cut off the stem end of the jalapeno (if you want to cut some heat from the salsa remove the seeds and white parts of the pepper), then slice the pepper in half inch pieces. Cut a 3/4 inch wedge from each of the lemon and lime, then remove the rind and pith (white part) from the wedges, all you want is the meat of the fruit. Get 4-6 cloves from the head of garlic and prepare them accordingly (meaning remove the hard stem and paper if you don't have a cool Pampered Chef garlic press from me!) Cut off about a small handful of cilantro from the bunch. If you haven't already done so, place all ingredients in a food processor and add a couple teaspoons of the Seasoned salt. Pulse the processor until you get the consistency you desire (i like mine pretty chunky so 3 or 4 pulses are enough). Of course, again, if you had a cool Pampered Chef Food Chopper you can easily control the consistency of the salsa! Now the important part...remove lid, get tortilla chip and test, adjust salt if needed. In the past i have added some onion salt and even on occasion a little sugar to cut the taste of the cilantro. Do what you want, make it your own.

yield: about a quart

Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Bou said...

Off topic... Happy New Year!

I love Guac...

Bag Blog said...

The mayo makes me think you are some sort of Californian - odd. Or maybe New York City! Do you put onion in your pico de salsa or is that saved for your pico de gallo?

Kathryn PARKS Flanigan said...

Sad story: no one makes their own guac in NC...
i'll carry the torch