Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Leftover wolf...

Well...since i'm still feeling like i been ate by a wolf and... he hasn't officially um...sent me over the cliff, i think he may have puked me onto a pile of moose crap. So i guess things are looking up. I don't really feel much like writing but i will post a couple pics.

I did uphold The Tradition yesterday, and dang...they good. I'm not revealing the ingredients...not because its secret but because i don't feel like it. If you want i'll be happy to at a later date. Or, you can head over to Lex's and get a pretty good one there, et al.

I haven't posted many of these lately so, here ya go. They are doing their sign language class, Signing Time on the educational channel here. Today, its all about the seasons and what is fun to do in each one...pretty cool stuff.

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Dawn said...

Warm, toasty, full, well entertained, and seemingly content, who could ask for more :)