Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life begins at...

In March, i wrote about Princess #1 Becoming Four. Well, add a zero and i suppose its my turn. Yep, on Monday (Oct. 29) i turned 40. Its strange really. I don't feel forty. But, then, how is 40 suppose to feel. Of course there seems to be this stigma associated with the age and becoming so. I don't subscribe to many socialities and this would not be excluded from that list.

The Queen told me that when she was at the party store shopping for some favors for the surprise party, the cashier was...relieved, that someone was buying brightly colored items for a 40th birthday party. i believe the statement was, "FINALLY!! Someone buying something for a 40th birthday party that's not BLACK!"

It was nice NOT to hear anyone at the party use any of the proverbial "over-the-hill" comments. But then i should expect that from the crowd that gathered here at the Castle du Palmer. The Queen had done an exceptional job of inviting and many, many friends and family from far and near, who are all very special to me, came and wrote many encouraging things to remember every day.

The day of the party (which was Oct 20) started with my good friends/brothers Erick and Bo showing up at 8 in the morning to go play a round of golf. Actually, as it turns out, they were just getting me out of the house so the Queen could get things ready and for out of townies to arrive and help her. So as we hacked the course up, partygoers began slowly trickling in. We played a slow round. Bodie and his wife Meg just happened to show up on the back 9 and we played an extra few holes after that. We then loaded up and headed back for the hacienda. We get to the house, i unload my clubs out of the trunk of Erick's car and proceed to walk into the house. I turn the knob, open the door and...what the?!!!

from upwards of 50 people gathered in my living/dining rooms and kitchen.

So there i am standing there with my golf clubs strapped on looking all goofy with all these people smiling at me...i wish i would've had a camera from my side. Of course, its one of those snapshots in your mind's eye that you'll never forget but it would've been cool to have one anyway. As i said, i kept taking these snapshots in my mind of smiling people here in my home to, in their own way just by their presence here, tell me that i was important to them. For a moment there, i kinda felt like a celebrity, what with all the smiles, and camera flashes and party favors hanging everywhere. It was great!

And then...out comes the FOOD!!! Everyone had brought a little something. It was a Mexican fiesta!! It was FANTASTIC!!!

And for the piece de resistance, or shall i say the chef-d'oeuvre...

A NEW GRILL!!!!! and not just any grill, just your top-of-the-line, high end WEBER Genesis E-320!!! Needless, to say, i salivated immediately. It stayed in the house for a few days and has ended up pushing my truck out into the driveway and now occupies its own special area in the garage.

I suppose the real gift was not necessarily the grill. It will eventually rust and be unusable. But the memories and the people who were here, my incredible, wonderful, beautiful wife, my equally wonderful children, and all my family (that goes waaaaaay beyond just flesh and bone) that will always be with me. The statement is true....the inheritance, the true riches, are in the saints. That has never been more evident to me than now.

Thankyou, especially to all who were here and to those who wished they were to celebrate this time in my life. You are all treasures to me, young and old and i love you all!


Bag Blog said...

I'm sorry I missed the party, but a weekend at the beach with Toby was just too good to pass up. Thanks for sharing your special moments - makes me feel like I was there. I had a surprise party thrown for me when I turned 40, but I don't think I was nearly as cool as you are at 40. This year I turn 50. I would really like to be cool at 50. Thinner would be nice too.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

It wasn't quite the same without you. I did miss you all. But hey, like you said, a 40th birthday party/day at the beach/40th birthday party/day at the beach, the scales tip heavily towards the beach. Strange for me to think that in 10 years i'll be 50, and i think also that if i'm as cool as you and Toby at that age i'll be doing just fine. That fine wine thing must be true. Of course, i don't really consider myself "fine" but the wine part is intriguing.

Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful story.
Happy Late!