Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ornery Harvest

We have a new boy! Now before you start jumping off into Lake Conclusion, let the pics explain. The Queen and i have been considering cutting the Prince's hair for some time, it was just so daggone beautiful. But i finally relented due to the fact that he was starting to resemble hamish the hairy coo, and got out the shears.

I sat him up on the kitchen counter, set the shears on #2 and made a couple passes. I quickly decided i didn't want him to feel like the sheep on Boundin' so i bumped it up to #4 and commenced the hairvest. While the Queen held back the tears, she snapped a few pics. The other members of the royal court squealed with delight watching each and every swath harvest the entire summer crop. I'm not sure the Prince knew exactly what was going on since he tried many times to put his mouth on the cutterhead. At first he didn't much like the vibration but he got used to it and actually sat there fairly still for a 15 month old. Then he saw the locks begin to accumulate on the top of the bar and the gears started turning. I think the smaller particles were irritating his neck by the end and he got fidgety but i was pretty much done and he was too. After a quick hose down in the tub, the Queen brought out a new BOY. I mean it was kinda like after you give a dog a bath, he just took off, squealing as he went. Like the hair had been holding him down, i don't know what happened really its just like a whole new boy. Not only did it change his the way he looks but almost instantly changed his whole personality, or who knows, maybe its just me. The Queen insists that ornery was hiding under that nap of hair and now is completely loosed.

Of course, the next day the Kings Mother aka "Grammy" had the same reaction as 100% of all the other ladies that know the Prince, "OOOOOOOOOH!!! (almost tearfully) You cut his hair!!" Sorry ladies, it had to be, if we lived in the Highlands i would've allowed it. If in the future he decides to take up the pipes like Dad and start competing and all, well i'll probably allow it then, but for now its short and tight.

Yup, we got us a boy!



Bag Blog said...

I remember Bo's first haircut. My mom, the hairdresser, did not want to cut it because, "The curls were just so cute!" My dad said, "Good grief, Bonnie, soon his curls will be down to his ass and it won't be so cute. Now cut his hair!" She did, and Bo was a boy.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Tomorrow we're going to the City, where one of our stops involves getting the girls' first hair cut. Will that make them any less girl?