Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Game 1

Well, its official...going to Gameday in Norman is a pretty cool date with Dad to a 4 year old. "My first Boomer Sooner game" (which she told EVERYONE) was a hit (or a touchdown, whichever you prefer).

The game started at 7 pm and i had planned most of the week to at least go up to the tailgait part of the afternoon (since i had no tickets) so on Friday evening i stirred up a stock pot full of gumbo. Early Saturday morning i got up, made breakfast for the fam and started slowly getting ready to go. I had planned to leave around 11:30. About 11 the phone rings, "Oh hey Bub, how's it goin'?! Oh you're not? Oh you do?! Yeah, actually i'm getting ready to go now...ABSOLUTELY!!! Hey no problem, that is the least i could do, alright!! THANK YOU!!!"

WE GOT TICKETS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are FRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

All i gotta do is go pick'em up in Loco. So, what to do...i don't NEED two tickets, i've already called everyone i can think of that might want to go already, and no one can...soooooo i guess i could sell it...or wait..."Hey Madison, com'ere. Wanna go with Daddy and see the Boomer Sooners?" The big bright smile followed by a giggle was all a Daddy needed. "Well, go get ready!"

We finished loading the truck and finally got away at just after noon. The trip to Loco and then back up to Norman took a little longer than expected. One good thing about such a long ride was that the Princess got a nap, and with a 7 pm start, i knew she would need it. Regardless, we still plenty of time for tailgaitin' and eatin' and playin' in the park. We got to see the A&M band warm up on the practice field just across the street. THAT was just pretty freaking cool. If you EVER have the opportunity to see the Texas A&M band...DO IT! I told Uncle Mike who was watching them with us that i could see from a historical standpoint how intimidating that an oncoming military band could be. Especially to those who had never seen or heard anything like a full regiment of pipes and drums bearing down on you marching with the drums beating in your chest and the pipes screaming "Teribus/Cock 'o' the North", gives me chill bumps just thinking about it.

Anyway, we went back after they were done and ate some more. ) After watching OSU lay down to Texas for the classic 4th quarter Aggie choke, we broke camp and headed for the Mecca. Madison had a great time riding atop Uncle Johnny's (Wingfield shoulders. I think she was pretty amazed by the crowd, but not scared. The seats were great! She asked a few questions and mostly just took it all in. At 3 minutes to kickoff, "Daddy i gotta peepee!" Well, i think we can make it. We did, with a minute to spare.

She did really well during the game and from the time spent at home watching football she watched as much as a 4 year old wanted to and played with her dolls or talked to Bubba's aunt sitting next to her. She complained VERY little and every time i asked her if she was having a good time she would smile and say "YES!!!" She even started knowing what to do during kickoffs, which at 42-14 became a common occurence, stand extend arm and index finger and say "OHHHHHHHHHHH U!!!!!

She wanted to get Leah and Jameson a souvenir after the game. She really wanted one of those big red hard foam hands with the index finger extended that you fit over your hand, but they were all gone. She picked out shirts for them and was satisfied. The ride home began about 11:15 and she was asleep by 11:30 with the slow moving traffic. I just did what all dad's do at that point...listen to the postgame and drive. We got home around 1:15 and i carried her to bed, satisfied that Game 1 was a great memory now and looking forward to many more to come. She earned it.

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Bag Blog said...

The Aggie band is just pretty darn cool. You shoud see them and the corp march in a parade - cavalry included. I grew up on that stuff.

Looks like the Princess had a great time. It reminds me of going to football games with my dad. Of course, I would have gone anywhere with him.