Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leaf Diving

Not too much to report today. Although i'm certain that i'll write for at least 30 minutes on this. Since i have some quiet time now that all three are down for the afternoon count, i thought i'd...genuflect? Anyway, we did go to the park today for a picnic and playtime. It's actually quite pretty with the trees turning and falling all over, despite the near 80* temps we've been having...in November. Yesterday i had the house open and was actually kinda hot during the late afternoon! ITS NOVEMBER, GET COLD ALREADY!!!!Speaking of, on Saturday we went out in the yard and raked what leaves we had into a pile and of course, took the dive. It was a bit shallow for me so i just kept the depth adjusted. Since "a pictures worth a..." that will keep me from writing so much.

We are by and large getting ready for Turkey Day Travelling. We'll be setting a course for Aurora EARLY Saturday morning. Early meaning i'd like to be LEAVING at 3 a.m. That ensures we get at least a good 5-6 hours of quiet driving before we have to stop for the inevitable potty breaks.I have a great uncle and aunt in Raton, NM we plan on stopping to see for lunch which should break the trip up nicely. From there its only another 4 1/2 hours to Papa and Honey's.

Funny, well not to us, but we took the car in for a general tune up for the 1500 mile round trip its getting ready to take us on. You know the drill...change the oil, check the fluids, check air pressure and rotate tires, replace control arm and ball joint, air filter, WHAT THE???? REPLACE THE CONTROL ARM AND BALL JOINT?!!! HOW MUCH IS THAT?!!! You've gotta be freaking KIDDING ME!! So we're looking at a nice tidy little seven bill "tune-up". Well, there goes all the "going out" funding while in Denver! Does it ever end? I mean, even if you make more money...does it ever end? Would winning the lottery help? Somehow, i don't think so. I'm almost certain Bill Gates asks the same question. Well, maybe not Bill. Be that as it may, we are really looking forward to spending next week in sunny CO, albeit penniless, but it'll be fun, and there's always the cooking and food and football, which is enough entertainment for me. Well better post them pictures. Check back tomorrow, i've got some classics to post. Yup, i stretched it into 30 minutes.

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