Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids these days...

You know...we've just got great kids.  I mean, they do kid stuff and have to be given some correction or direction and we move on, but, good lord, they are just really good kids.  I can't imagine what it's like for parents whose kids hate them or don't want them to be around them or vice versa.  We love playing with our kids on the Wii (The X bowled a 123 the other night...he's two) or just like tonight The Prosecutor asks me to play Mille Bornes with her after dinner. 

So we got dinner cleaned up, finished making the butter i had started and while all the others were scrolling through Netflix watching the latest Caillou (which The X totally loves) The Prosecutor and i rolled through a game of Mille Bornes.  I won.  "Oh", you think, "how could you beat your 6 year old!"  Listen, she beat the living crap outta me last time and laughed while she did it.  You come over, get the cards out and let her roll you up into a little ball and we'll see what you say after that.

I got a report from The Queen today that...oh man, can i digress just a bit?  I just want to lob in here that we got these sweet new phones...both of us took a major upgrade and got our digital on with Droid X's.  I gotta tell'ya these are not phones, they are 'communication devices'.  If the internet is the Information Superhighway then these are the Supercharged Mini Coopers blazing down the track at unsconcionable speeds...and the scenery is just unfreakingbelievable.  You know what we can do now?  We are laying in bed playing Scrabble on our phones!  IT'S GREAT!  Shoot, i can even watch MOVIES on my PHONE!   It's crazy... i don't even know what all this thing will do...yet.

ANYHOO...i got this report today from The Queen.  She had loaded up some 'Sweet Home Alabama' on her phone and had hooked it up to the Auditory Command Center in the mess hall.  So she is cranking out that sweet hymn and kids came running from every corner of the house and start air banding when The Prince states, "THAT...IS...MY...MOST...FAVORITE...SONG...EVER!!!"

Four years old...and that boy is a musical connoisseur already.

We got great kids.


Bag Blog said...

You do have some great kids - must be The Queens jeans.

Catiche said...

Let me tell you about the Wii. Tiny Man, at almost five, will talk some serious trash as he lines up for sword fighting with Doc or me. To teach him a lesson in humility, we'll just kick his can in two rounds. What is so funny is how he howls when he loses, then talks more trash so he can play again.

Anonymous said...

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