Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well y'all...looks like i just hit some kinda milestone, fortunately it ain't the kidney kind.  And for my 400th, i'll do something really special, i'll tell ya that i took the Prince and the X fishin today.  Yup, its Saturday January 29th, 2011...i think it hit 70*, and we went fishin at the Lazy B. 
We caught a whole stringer of mud, but we had fun chunkin sticks and clam shells into the water.  We ain't seen good rain in so long the Loch Lazy B looks more like a elongated muddy footprint, i wrote a note to MamaLou and PapaToby they needed to fill it in a bit, the fish ain't happy.

The guard horses inspected my tackle box and strung out my lures and hooks all over the bank.  I knew they were doing it but i was too far away to do anything about it.  Fortunately, neither of them got a curved toothpick as a souvenir.  

I need to smoke somethin piggy, i'll check y'all later.

And since this wasn't much of a 400th...i'll leave ya with an earworm i can't seem to shake lately...
Chicken Fried

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