Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well folks...i think this will be about as official as it gets.  I've done the research, looked at the pics and i'm 99 and 44 100th's percent sure...we got us a ...oh my lord. 

Rewind 5 months ago.

I'm driving to work one morning about 6:30, it ain't dark, but it sho ain't light.  The sun was just tinging a few whispy late summer clouds in the sky the faintest tangerine.  A few stars were still lolling about, i got some Marley singing about Three Little Birds.  I'm on the outskirts of town where houses are few and far between and the few that are there...well remember that old song by Confederate Railroad that harmonizes with "i like my women just a little on the trashy side..."?  well, this is where they live.  Ahead in the wash of the headlights i see something in the middle of the road...its white...and its...moving?  What the...whoa!  Did i miss it?  Yeah,  what the...what WAS that?  So i slow down, stop and shove it in R.  The wash of the backup lights weren't very good so i stop before i roll over whatever that white ball of fur was, i open my door and i exhale a cursory amount of steam into the morning air..."oh...crap...it's a freaking...puppy."  And i aint just talking about a puppy...he was a low down, outta town, mama let me down, please don't take me to the pound kinda puppy.  He waddles to me feet and looked up..." Mister, you wouldn't BELIEVE the night i've had...i'm cold, i can't tell ya the last time i ate, and please don't ask me what happened to the end of my tail."  I looked and sho enough...he was missing the fur on the last 1/4 of his long tail.

So there i am...i got a full day of house building ahead of me, and a puppy looking like he just lost his last friend to a pack of coyotes..."Well...hell...git in."   Y'all ever seen that cartoon where the dude turns into a SUCKER when the realization hits him?  That's me with puppies, except mine flashes neon green.  Of course, this one didn't know it, didn't care.  He curled up on my lap and was OUT inside of a mile and didn't wake up til i moved him to the floorboard about 20 minutes later.

I texted The Queen, "I got a problem."   Of course, with a txt like that, all kinds of things are going through her mind...she NEVER expected the following txt to show this...

"Oh...he's SO CUTE!"  Yep, i married a SUCKER that flashes neon pink.

"We ain't keepin him, General Beauregard's enough for us."

"OK" (knowing the inevitable).

So, i get him home...the kids NAME him. 


lord, now what do i do?

So here we are five months removed, he used to be a 1/4 the size of, now he's easily DOUBLE the size of The General (not that vertically that's a challenge, but take it from me, he's not gonna be the smallish bottle of fur i thought he was gonna be).

I finally got some time today to do some research...


This is what i found out.


I should admit at this point, he's passed every test on my radar, and i think he's gonna be a great dog.


Junk Diva said...

Ahhhh puppies, I love puppies. And I love suckers!

Bag Blog said...

That means the Diva loves me, 'cause I'm a sucker too. My Pyrenese was an excellent dog. Bring the pup over to play with Zoe sometime.

Catiche said...

Oh, this is a great. A Great Pyrenees! Love how we end up with pets. I had a sharpei that was a give-away from some woman in front of a convenience store in FL. Great dog. Still lives with my ex and pees on his stuff, bless his heart. But Moses--Moses? (And why? Does he wield commandments? Does he speaketh with the Lord?) Moses is precious. Good luck.