Thursday, September 09, 2010

That Look...

Hold on...i have no idea where this one's can thank MamaLou for bringing this yesterdays breakfast.

Every few weeks or so, i'll be in a restaurant, market, sports event, cow chip eating contest, any given area where the general public forages. This inevitable scenario occurs...

I catch a look, a cock of the head, inquisitive eyes, interrogating the memory like a shake down on a petty pickpocket...and the compulsory question, "Do I...?"

" do not know me, i'm not from here, you've never worked with me, we didn't go to school together, and i never dated your sister."

"But you look like..."

"I Nicholas Paul McCartney? Well...doesn't matter, you don't know me... don't."

"No...i think i do...somehow."

" don't... ...nohow...i just have a really familiar face...see ya."

I walk away, with them invariably watching me, slowly shaking their head flailing away at the cobwebs from the recesses of their minds, still in some distant denial of my pleas of innocence.

I could never be even a low profile criminal, or on the other side, an undercover cop, black operative agent or the like, i would have to have some kind of distortive surgery.

Whoever that dude is, however he is friends, kin, or aquaintance with all these people, needs to start giving them money so i can start collecting.

That's it...that's what i'm gonna start doing...THIS is the future scenario...

The look, the squint, the cant of the melon...

"Do i...?"

"HEY! Yeah! You DO know me!" I loaned you twenty bucks a couple years ago, and you never paid me back."

I'm certain "that look" will end right there...but who knows...

maybe i'll get lucky.


Bag Blog said...

You never know, someone may have seen you somewhere before. When the Daniels first showed up at church, I told T. that he looked very familiar. He did much like you and denied it. Then we figured out that he went to TT at the same time I did, and we hung in the same places (Cow Palace, Biggern' Dallas...) Yep, I don't forget a handsome face.

Catiche said...

When the local preschool system here consolidated its programs into central locations, the parents went crazy and complained. I stood up at meetings, was interviewed for TV and print, etc. in support of the idea. I would be the lone woman confronting the crowd. The vote passed, the schools are in their new formats and functioning, and now I cannot enter the building where my son attends, or go anywhere without someone pointing at me and saying, "You're that woman!" Yes, yes I am. I'll be living this one down for years. So you never know what impression you've made... or maybe the witness protection program you're in is not effective enough! :)