Sunday, September 12, 2010

Someone please explain...

How in the hay does an 0-2 Virginia Tech stay in the Top 10 in both USA Today Coaches Poll and the AP polls?  Sure, they lost to the #3 ranked Boise St., sure they played them pretty well in that game, but THEN they turn right around and LOSE to James Madison, yeah...the Division I-AA James Madison, but wait, there's more...the #15 ranked (in Div I-AA) James Madison?!  Now, don't get me wrong, i'm NOT a Hokie Hater...i actually LIKE them.  But...had that been, say, the Sooners...OH the SHAME, OH the would be App St. vs. Michigan all over again!  The Sooners would be the laughingstock of CFB!  and VirginiaTech lazes at an avg. of #8? 


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Buck said...

There's no explanation other than large sums of money changing hands or perhaps a HUGE number of Hokie alums in the voting community.