Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Deep Fried...Its the Southern Way...

I'm not saying "I'm back!" but...we'll just see what happens from here.  Y'all can blame it on Doc and his Cajun Queen, they made me feel...needed.

So tonight, we're out to visit the newest addition to the Extended Table family, The Little Redcoat was born this morning around 11.  Those of you who know...well, i don't say this about many babies, because to me, honestly, NOT all babies are cute, or pretty, or whatever.  Suffice to say, he's a beautiful baby boy. 

We couldn't stay, the progenitors were completely worn out and sleeping, so i snuck in, left the handmade card from The Royals and laid a nice fat belvedere for The Redcoat on the rollaround table...i took a look at Lil' Redcoat and quietly slipped out.  Congratulations Pete and Laura...seriously beautiful child, can't wait to get my hands on him...and i don't hold a candle to The Queen, she loves her some babies.

We cruised the local dairy mart, where The Queen selected some staples for The Scullery.  Upon re-entry into Odysseus, the obligatory "WHADJA GIT MAMA?!!!!" emanated in various forms from the mizzen section.  "Well...they were running a BOGO special on pig snot, so i picked up two!"

...Quietness from astern..."What?  Pig that? Ew."

The Queen saw the exposed jugular..."WHAT? You haven't had pig snot?"

Like a wolf smelling blood from miles away i added, "Oh man...a little pig snot fried in butter..." to which The Queen adds, "and a little garlic, salt, and haven't LIVED til you've had that!"

The gaping solicitude continued.

"Yeah, deep fried pig snot...mmmmm just melts in your mouth!"

Finally, the disquieted uneasiness is broken by the Prosecutor, "Dad?  Can you put pig snot on the smoker?"

"Nah, smoked pig snot just doesn't work, that'd be like smokin' ice cream or something, it just don't do."

"Mama, did you really get pig snot?" The Queen turns to me with that beautiful captious grin...

I love that woman.

So, dear reader...share with us YOUR pig snot recipes.  I know they can be family secrets but...we're all family here anyway...


Anonymous said...

Come on, Jay! You know you could smoke up some good pig snot. Just get a good rub on it and let her slow and go...

Or see if Julia Child has a great French receipe for it. You know the French love them some good pig snot, too!

:) Deanne

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Please don't ask how i know...but, smoking pig snot just doesn't work. I mean, just think about what a smoked egg would taste like. Now as for Julia, we COULD work with that, i'm sure in the aspics section, we could make substitution.

Bag Blog said...

By the time your kids are old enough to get your sense of humor, their minds will be seriously warped.

Everyone knows to chop up some potatoes in their pig snot, add your spices and bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

Laura told me she had a dream and Jay was in it. She really wondered why she was dreaming of Jay!

Bag Blog said...

WV: drarg - as in drarg your arse over here.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Interesting MamaLou...a variation on Bubble and Squeak, i can just imagine the bubbles that would make.
I've had a spate of people "recognizing" me lately, its tiresome. I have some kind of familiar face everyone knows (i should blog about this subject sometime.) Now i'm showing up in peoples dreams? Great.

Buck said...

I'm not saying "I'm back!" but...we'll just see what happens from here.

I blame Facebook. And you KNOW I'm right. ;-)