Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make Ready....

I've been contemplating this one for awhile.  The main reason for the arid clime of this blog is due to that crazy little thing called life that happens outside these friendly confines.  There is no doubt i love spending time here...its fun, sometimes its just a venue to vent, sometimes just whatever is rolling around in the drafty space between my ears.  But most importantly, as i've said many times, this blog exists for posterity. 

I began this at a point in my life when i had just come home from the workaday world to care for our two children at the time.  We had considered the change for quite some time.  The Queen had much more earning power than i did at the time, and before we were ever married we had made the commitment that no one else was going to raise our children but us.  So, i came home and i've been here since.  That was four years ago.

Since then, we've moved (twice), added two more souls into The Kingdom, and done a lot of cooking.  It's been fun, but the time has come for me to hit the road...literally.  I have an opportunity to go back to work, and i'm taking it.  It has always been a great desire for us to have The Queen be home and raising our brood, now with this opportunity...she can...and believe me, she is excited...she's counting the days.  I'm excited for her.  We are both excited for the bright future this new opportunity presents. 

It's new territory for me, but i know with a lot of hard work, it will definitely pay off...and we'll be better for it, not merely in the plebian realm called Finance, but more importantly in the noble province of Peace...and that is what we are seeking here in The Kingdom...Peace...and Peace far beyond anything finances can bring about.

Now, perceiving what you, dear reader, may be thinking, i am not pulling the plug on the coffee pot and folding up The Table.  I am, however, explaining that the current oases in these barrens may continue for awhile until i...ahem...get my feet wet. 

I've been pretty busy the last few months getting details around The Kingdom wrapped up so that The Queen will have much less to tend to, i.e. wood floors, a privacy fence...those kinds of things.  I'll admit at this point also that it's been much easier to post quick and easy's in that microwave time hole of Facebook, than to actually take some time and write something of quality here.  I still need to put the knife to that little doxy.  All in good time i suppose.

With all that said, since i don't really know how much time i'll be able to give to this blog, since the time requirements are going to be pretty heavy for awhile with the new job...i want you to know...i've enjoyed meeting the new friends i've met.  Its good to know that there are still good folks out there...very few mind you...but they are there. 

And who knows...maybe i'll have more time to write here, maybe i'll get out there and realize just how important this all is...and how much i miss it...and how much i'll miss reading about it in the future.  I don't know...maybe The Queen will be inspired to post...


Anonymous said...

I wish you well knowing the Grand Castle in Tulsa will quite possibly be seeing more of you and the Royals hopefully. It's an exciting venture for ALL of you as you start this new chapter in your Book of Life.

Bag Blog said...

Wow. Life changes fast. Jesse quit her job - Friday was her last day. The world wonders why, but peace reigns.

Steph T. said...

Congrats Jay! I know your wife will so enjoy staying home. Love the new blog look too..nice!
Keep up the blog...you are quite good at it!

diamond dave said...

There's an idea. Let your wife guest post so she can tattle on you on occasion.