Friday, March 06, 2009

Public Service Announcement

OK kids...this is a PSA from The Table.

All you Pandora junkies hearken! If you wanted Pandora on your mobile and, like me, cannot get it because Pandora doesn't service Blackberry's yet (don't know about I-Phones but if so...). Your salvation has, of all titles, Slacker. What a fitting title...for me at least.

You can access it via this format and have a Pandora backup, or, unless you're reading by mobile already, simply key in or click and download baby! After some small housekeeping items (i.e. sign up) and about 120 seconds later you've got CD quality music streaming to your mobile.

Ahhh this Information Superhighway is just getting more and more scenic by the mile.

Now, i don't know about you and yours...but when listening to Pandora, it pulls the bandwidth parachute for my lapster and tends to slow my upload/download to school zone speeds...ok well for T3/cable where i drive. It will be an interesting little comparison to see if Slacker does the same.

If you're wondering about diversity and selection as compared to Pandora...i haven't found Slacker to be inferior in anything i've tried to find...even in the Celtic and Zydeco realms. Of course, if your trying to find Markanwhalla and the Hindi Dance Kings, you may just have to hit up Amazon for the CD.

Thankyou for your time...resume your lives citizens.


Bob said...

No Hindi Dance Kings? I'm out.

Buck said...

Yeah, me too, Bob.

My "mobile" is just a phone... used just for phone calls... as in "voice." I've never even sent a text message... ever... but have received a couple. I'm a bit of a Luddite where certain devices are concerned... ;-)