Thursday, March 05, 2009

Picture Pages...

OK so...i don't really have much today...but what i do have is worth the visit. As most of you know we recently added to the chairs around The Table. Of course, he doesn't really have a chair, he comes with his own and his center of gravity is such that one never really is sure if he's sitting or standing anyway.

That said, HRH has been really into making greeting cards lately, she's actually getting pretty good at it. In fact, i think she's going to design her own birthday party invitation this year. I've seen a rough draft and its not bad. In the spirit of greeting cards she made this one for PGT Beauregard. She wanted me to hang it by his bed, but since his bed has moved to their bed, i'll just file it with the rest of her designs.

The next pic is for The Venerated Mother...she took a picture of me many moons ago doing the same thing, obviously genetic...actually i've never really outgrown this activity, i just don't fit that well anymore.

Lastly...The Royals meet The Beatles


Bob said...

I do hate to see kids moping around all sad and forlorn like that.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Sad innit...yeah, they're just kinda like that most of the time. They will really identify with Oliver Twist.

Bag Blog said...

It is funny how you can see their personalities coming through in the dance. We need to work on the X-Man's voice.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a set of pipes! I'd like to see the singing and dancing when you break out the hard rock.

So has Beauregard crossed the line from being Daddy's dog to being the kids' dog?


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

MamaLou: True that...The X does have a big voice...just a tweak on the harmonics would do it.

Bo: time i rattle the windows with some Shinedown i'll make sure the camera is on...apparently that's more his style.

No, Beauregard is still decidedly my least in his mind. i LET him sleep on the girls bed because that gives him a good night sentry post. Which, i must say, he's pretty good at. He sounds a whole lot bigger than he is...and to anyone on the outside, do you really wanna take that chance? Teeth from the lower end, high velocity buckshot at the top end...the odds for successful entry and exit drop quickly.

Buck said...

I love the drawing... would that Real Life were like that... smiles on everyone and everything.

Speaking of the Beatles... I read yesterday Rock Band (or was it Guitar Hero?) is coming out with a Beatles version in September. Are ya gonna go there?