Thursday, January 08, 2009

Red Letter Day

It's safe to assume that today is somewhat red lettered...well, more... crimson. You know where my ugly mug will be at 6:30 this evening...firmly planted in front of a very large, very Hi-Def, very loud, very flat screen Panasonic with all my very good comrades in arms wide-eyed and raucous, just finished working through a Gator burger, and various other incredible edibles they can throw together and just about to pop with kickoff!

So far i've gotten two of the four Royals attired in full battle gear...oh yeah...they'll be ready...i've already gotten in a couple "BOOOOMER"s with the appropriate replies...yeah they're ready.

I'll tell y'all this...i'm changin' my picks on my Pick'em sheet...i had originally picked the Lizards...but i just can't do it...SOONER MAGIC prevails tonight.

-the scores stay in the 20's or lower i'd say Florida wins, that would heavily favor their defense.

-30's its a toss up.

-40's Sooners win...hands down. Florida decides to match up and go blow for blow in scoring, we will own them. But, if this turns into a defensive slugfest we best pack a lunch...and dinner...and be prepared to not eat either one.

-we go out and throw 60 on the board again...i think the collective jaw of the nation drops and people start beginning to believe. (This won't happen, but it sure is fun to think about.)

In all seriousness...this Florida team is just unfreakingbelievably good...better than Utah? Please. Texas? Yes. On both sides of the ball. Better than USC? Hmmm...offensively i'd say, tough one, but with what i saw the other day...i'd say USC may have the edge there. But...we haven't, and don't play Utah or USC (sadly enough) but we have played the Horns, and EVERYONE knows what happened then. Have we gotten better since? Absolutely. Has Florida gotten better since Ole Miss did them in the Swamp? Absolutely. Both these teams have resolve, both are extremely talented. This matchup will not come down to who has the best athletes, or who has the best coach...its going to come down to...who wants it more...

and i submit to you that it will be the team that has classically been told, "You shouldn't be here, you don't deserve this, you should've played __________, USC deserves this, TEXAS is supposed to be here...hey, even Utah is undefeated... You have obviously proven by your past record in the last four years that you are chokers...

We saw what happened to Oklahoma in '06 when everyone was telling Boise St. that...we saw what happened to Bama and Texas Tech this year...i think it happens one more time...



Buck said...

I'll just say... Good Luck. It should be a helluva game.

Bou said...

That was a good game... no matter who was going to win. It was well matched, well played, and just a good game.

I thought for sure the Sooners were taking it at the half... it was just a matter of who was going to blow it open. Florida typically does after the half, but I just did not think they had it in them.

Good game. Seriously, that was a very good game.

Doc said...

Sorry Piper. Buck won that bet. Good to hear from you tonight.

Bou said...

Dude! Post your Ode! I'll link it!