Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now THAT'S more LIKE IT!

Swim class has been canceled for tonight...shocking that, EVERYTHING IS CANCELED. Its not like its an outdoor pool, and the roads are beginning to look more like a Mississippi mud slush with ALOT of marshmallow, but such as it is...we'll probably go anyway and at least throw the little fish in and let'em exercise their gills a bit...we'll see how they are after a full day of sunshine, snow, and blue sky.

Since the thermo-meter showed mid-40's this morning i turned them out of the house and the following ensued...of course, being a snow lover myself, i had nothing to do with it. Lunchtime came and the ever expanding snow stains were beginning to get the best of the jeans, boots, and gloves. So i pulled'em in, filled'em up, put dry gear on and rolled'em out the door again...and since there's no swim class, i figger that they can play as long as they want...we don't get these kinda days much in South Central OK. Of course, they are gonna be a little put out when i call them in for a couple hours of school, they'll probably completely zone, not knowing how tired they are right now. But c'est la vie...they'll live, maybe i can use it as a motivational tool to get their work done quickly.

This morning i was standing in front of Pandora wondering..."what to play today,, floating cotton whisps against that (heh heh) cerulean sky (love that word) man what does a brotha play for such happy time as these?" Then like a snowball slappin ya on the back...this came to me... happy days require happy music...
Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Cha's (one of my fave's)...ENJOY!


Buck said...

Quite the juxtaposition there, Jay... Cajuns and snow! But still: Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Great pics, too. Snow is SO much more fun when you're a kid, innit?

Doc said...

To be honest, I miss the snow.

Bou said...

My children have never seen snow. My eldest will be 14 in March.

Dawn said...

Madison looks so grown up, You blink and it happens! I love the shot on the sled in the middle, and oh hey, I need a new "08" photo on my fridge to replace the "07" one.
pl-l-e-e-ease Mr. Piper.

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest pic - all the sweetest smiles! Honey is in tears, I miss ya so much, AND the SNOW - send some our way.
Love ya all !

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Bou: I'd send ya some but it wouldn't be quite the same.

D2D: u got it and the 09 one is pretty daggone cool!

Honey: we miss u too we're all looking forward to May!