Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quantum Quizics

Yesterday's post prompted me to key in Bill Withers on Pandora. We're all sitting around listening to those dulcet tones against the staccato of ice shrapnel assaulting the windows from outside. As per the m.o. of Pandora, Barry White took stage. I'm finishing up the breakfast dishes while The Queen (home due to the road conditions) is busy on some project with the Royals at the kitchen table.

Barry croons..."Babaiiii..."

The Queen comments, "Ohhh...he's dead now."

HRH The Drama Princess turns at the statement...cocks her head, "He's dead and he still sings this song?"

Levity ensues.

It reminded me of when i was a kid and wondered how in the world all those bands got in and out of the radio station broadcast room so quickly. Since we watched a local Tulsa morning show The John Chick Show and they would feature local country bands that would come in and play a live song or two. I just naturally assumed the radio stations worked the same way.

I can see the gears working in her head...i can relate.


Bob said...

I'm still confused about how they cram all those LP records into I-Pods.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I am trying to use the "crickets chirping", but it seems to not like my google address....

I LOVED the X's attempt at "reaching" - he is going to be pulling along, stretching and grabbing more and more great ! With that reach, he is destined for the Basketball All-Stars !

ICE & ICE, and us with NO SNOW.....we are getting the low temps (- degrees for the last 2 days), but all the snow stops in the hills....very depressing. I am stunningly amazed at the ice/rain all over OK, TX, etc. - just be soooooo careful out there, both of ya'll !

Take care,


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Bob, it has something to do with the poisonous contrails left in the skies all over America...its a big conspiracy by the gubmint.

Honey, thanks, have you tried posting anonymously and then just signing your name?

Doc said...

Reminds me of the time my own daughter, then about six, asked after going through two moves without setting up the turntable, "Daddy, are you ever going to get the giant CDs out again?"

Stay warm brother. If you get desperate, we can airdrop you a bail of hay.