Saturday, November 22, 2008

Y'all gotta see this...

Let me preface this by saying I know that i have in the past taken out some latent...misgivings... about our Yankee brethren north of the Mason Dixon. I do actually know a few that i like, a precious few, but a few nonetheless.

Yesterday, the two eldest Royals and i made some popcorn balls. Oh sure, there were grease pops and "OWWWW"'s and of course, the Prosecuting Attorney asked her endless questions, but we did finally accomplish the end product, which i've had three so far for breakfast! Here's the recipe if you'd like, it was fun and easy (of course, its from Paula Deen the unofficial torchbearer for Southern Gentility)...sadly, it was the first time they had ever seen popcorn popped on the stove. We'll certainly be doing more of THAT, there are some things a kid's just gotta know.

Anyhoo, i'm suckin' down a couple of those sucrose laden sticky bombs this morning and bumpin' around with my nose to the matrixial ground, huntin' for another recipe and bayed tree on this...Now HERE'S some blue coats i think i could hang wit. That Bwahston accent...nothin' like it, hey at least they live somewhere in the southern half of Mass. i suppose, and if not somewhat tributary, at least they try on a Southern patois.

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Buck said...

That vid WAS pretty entertaining, Jay. But not as much as tonite's game, methinks! ;-)