Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday nights alright for fighting...

Last nights supper consisted of Ensalata Therini, Salsiccia de maiale pomodoro con linguini(my own creation-recipe follows), a Shiner while cooking, and a glass of cold Sangria, followed by a bowl of whipped cream with a prodigious side of pear pie with homemade crust from MamaLou's own hands...which of course leads me to the piece de resistance...Toby, MamaLou, and Jesse came to help us with it all. And that not all...oh no...

There was a certain gridiron matchup of no small significance...the Red Raiders came to town looking to rumble in Norman with the Sooners. Since MamaLou and Toby met at Tech and obviously TT fans, i thought it would be fun to have them over, at the risk of the Sooners takin' a lickin'. We had already established the ground rules of "no matter who ribbin'." Now in retrospect, maybe i shoulda smoked some ribs. I honestly thought Oklahoma might be in some trouble...they showed from the beginning that, when Tech comes to town, we treat them just like everyone else, hit'em first, fast, and hard, and when they go to the ropes, move in with the haymakers, so we sent'em back to Lubbock with a good Southern dirt road country boy butt whippin'.

It was somewhat bittersweet for me...although it was nice seeing the Sooners play so well, it was kinda hard watchin' the suppressed pain on the faces of our guests, but only kinda. We still had a good time, and we love having them over, hearing their stories of the Red River days, or growing up in west Texas. They are just good, and i mean that in the purest sense of the word, GOOD people. I'm proud to call them family.

and if they bring that kinda luck, the door is open for next week too.


Oh's the makin's

salsiccia di maiale pomodoro con linguini
(Pork sausage and tomatoes with linguini)

2 lbs. sweet or mild Italian pork
3 T. minced/crushed fresh garlic
2C. Fresh Roma tomatoes diced
2T. sweet basil
3 T. oregano
½ t. white pepper
Kosher salt
2 lbs. linguini

Remove packaging skin from pork and cut into bite size pieces. **In a deep skillet cook until almost done and remove, try to leave as much of the grease as possible. Take a couple rounds around the skillet (2T.) with the EVOO, return to MedHi temp. and add the garlic. Saute’ until golden and add the pork. Add tomatoes and saute’ about 1 min. Add spices and salt to taste. Reduce heat and cook for five minutes.

**Also at this point put on the water for linguini.

When the saute is warm and the linguini is drained and oiled, combine everything in linguini pot and toss together.

Serves 6-8


Buck said...

I gotta say it: a MOST convincing win. Beat-down. Slaughter. One can only conclude all y'all just had a bad day in Dallas on October 11th.

Junk Diva said...

Ya know Piper, when I see a whoppin like OU was dishing out I kind of start to feel sorry for the other team, but this time I didn't, I just couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for them. I was even upset when the OU let them score that last touchdown, and I would like have liked for OU to have made over 70 points. I was just feeling mean I guess!!!!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Uncle Buck: that "bad day in Dallas" theme has been played by more than one station, i've even heard it from the t-sip fanbase.

Diva: for shame! Runnin' up the score on a team like Tech? they would NEVER do anything like THAT. In all seriousness though, its a sad day when a team needs to feel like they must, in street terms, run it up against an opponent for the newly coined "style points"...and i thought that margin of victory wasn't supposed to matter in the new world order of the BCS (one extra letter there) system.

Kris, in New England said...

Damn that dish sounds delectable - and I don't like tomatoes! May have to try that on The Oracle one of these days.