Sunday, August 03, 2008

Slippery when...HOT?

Man, is it ever going to slow down? Seems like the hotter it gets, the faster we go! Yesteday, our thermo-meter read 105.3*...and fans...that was in the SHADE! i'll get a pic of it today since its suppose to do it again, and again, and maybe...again!

Saw a quote from Churchill today that said, "If you're going through hell...keep going." Well, i don't think we're particularly in that position, since there's many folks in worse shape, but man...its freaking HOT here.

Yesterday, i played taxi cab driver for a country band called Ricochet that came to town to do a benefit gig. They were some pretty good guys if not pretty good golfers. We took them to The Territory, and it ate us all for breakfast...ain't that right Dawg? Anyway, it was fun.

-<:( ):>-
In other news...Facebook just keeps on amazing. Friends from the past, whom i had forgotten or certain that they had forgotten me, keep finding me. Just this morning i got a hit from my old roommate in college (no, not the same one i told you about a couple months ago). He looks to be doing great! Working for Amnesty Int'l and globetrotting...right now living in London. Poor guy! What an interesting turn though...he was from where we live now, and i never thought i'd be living here, of course, back in school i'm sure he never thought he'd be working for AI travelling the globe. It's funny, i always remember him when i hear, or think of the word, of all things...vegemite. His mom, who lived in London, would send it to him, and he'd pull it out on occasion and we'd have a vegemite sandwich. I remember the first time i had it...i was like WHOA! THAT is a BIG taste! But, you know, it was REALLY good! That was the last time i've had it and i still miss it! and kids...that was...18 years ago! Man, i can't believe its been that long! I know, its crazy that a food would trigger a memory...but i am what i am. "Hi, i'm Piper...and...i'm a foodie."

-<:( ):>-

Here's kind of a freaky little item...Last night i dreamed i was at a football was like a Sooners game or something...and who but Doc and his team dropped in for a visit...literally. Sadly, i couldn't find him once they landed...somewhat haphazardly, on the field, in the i'm dreaming about my blogbuddies! It's a mystical world this blogosphere.


Jenny said...

Well, now I have that Men at Work song going on in my head. LOL! "Do you come from a land down under?"

diamond dave said...

Crap!! I was thinking of the same song. Thanks for the earworm!

Anonymous said...

Well...I still have "Daddy's Money" stuck in my head(my least favorite). The Territory is FREAKIN' AWSOME !!! It's an oasis beyond belief in this barren of beauty part of the world!
I'm not a country music fan by any stretch, but I am a fan of "real" musicians. Let me tell you, Ricochet is as "real" as it gets. Of course, the two founding members are Okies.

Golf Companion, Public Relations, Beer Fetcher, Fan, Backstage Cut-up, and Roadie for a Day...Moondoggie

Kris, in New England said...

Um - 105 degrees? You have got to be kidding. I'd have melted slowly away for sure.

They say in New England it's not the heat, it's the humidity. I submit that at 105 degrees, it's gotta be all about the heat.

Stay cool.

Buck said...

Ah, I feel for ya, Jay. I've been keeping an eye on y'all's WX and I'm NOT envious... at ALL. But I am sympathetic.

I SO envy your ex-roomie... London is my favorite city in all the world. As a matter of fact, TSMP and I were actively looking for a flat in London (the plan being to split our retirement living between London and Upstate NY) when she found out she was pregnant with SN3. THAT lil event knocked our plans into a cocked hat (retirement? with a new kid on the way? Ha!), and subsequent "events" destroyed life as I knew it completely...

I still think about that from time to time, especially when anyone mentions "London." Which you did. ;-)

Inquiries said...

Concentrated yeast extract!? That does not sound appetizing.

Bag Blog said...

I love finding old friends through the internet, but making new ones is just pretty good too.

Doc said...

I'm behind on my reading but I'm catching up. Closest thing on the team schedule is the State Fair in Tulsa, last week of Sept, first week of Oct. You never know. Blue skies.

And hey, the foodie in you would love a shop I discovered in Charleston the other day. LOVE it.