Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rollin' on...

Nottalotta time, but i gotta few things to yap about...

and for your listenin pleasure whilst you read...

Did you see this? I was signing in to post this and saw these pics...of course, one always points another to cute baby pics and these were certainly worthwhile...now...why didn't they ask me for the X-man's pic? He qualifies as a blogger baby...

-<:( ):>-
Last night was definitely a Royal Family night out, and with the Treasury in serious need of a conquest we went slumming. The neighbors had given us some bowling coupons (how do YOU say that word...KOO-pon...or kYEW-pon?) for 5 free games...so yeah! The Queen decided to ensure the decibal level from the X-man stayed under that of the rolling balls, clamoring pins, and the obligatory strains of AC/DC so she was designated all time cheerleader (the hottest one there by the way). Anyhoo, the rest of us strapped on those fancy multicolored bowling shoes (you know, if any of you were wondering what to get me for my birthday...) and grabbed a ball. HRHTDP decided she was too big to use the slide thing for kids and bowled on her own...which was very entertaining. She would hold the ball like you've been handed a 80 lb. feedsack from a flatbed truck, run towards the line and launch it as far down the lane as she could...which was only about 3 feet where the ball thundered down onto the wood and rolled ever so drunkenly down the lane to knock over typically about 4 pins. On its way she would lean this way or that to try to correct vector, her hands doing most of the work. On contact, she would pirhouette, do a perfect Tiger Woods arm pump, and run back to high five us all.
P2 on the other hand wanted to use the slide for the first game...but decided against it at the start of the second...thats when the comedy started. She had learned all too well from her older sister, and had all the moves...with an extra twist. Instead of throwing the ball, she would 'carry the feedsack', set it down with a thud, spread her legs wide, roll it back as far as she could reach and fling it forward as hard as possible... I suppose "fling" may be a bit strong...that would imply speed...this was more like a snail doing somersaults...apparently she wanted to savor the moment...her little butt would do all the vector correctage...ooooooooohhhvver ooooohver....and the ball would CONNECT! and one pin would fall, and both arms would extend upwards in victory. I will add at this point, she did pick up a spare once...on her own!
Don't think The Prince was to be outdone...oh no. He wasn't too proud to use the slide, but he wasn't using one of those sissy flourescent colored balls the sisters were using either, he wanted The Beast, he wanted to use DAD'S BALL! Oh yeah, 15 lb's of pure havoc wreckage! Of course, he WANTED to carry it but there was no way he was lifting it up to the top of the slide. I did let him carry it once, and he did a pretty good job not dropping it, but i always got it up there, aligned it, and he would look up at me, with a huge grin...one, two, THREE, GO! and he would push with all the strength a two year old redhead could muster! Once he even got a strike! I was ever so proud of him! I think i yelled as much as anyone! And believe me, he was Mr. High Five after each turn...and to a two year old high-fivin' is serious business. Oh by the way...he bowled a 105...did i mention he's two?
-<:( ):>-
Yesterday, the temp on the backporch...107.3...no that's not a local radio station...that was the temp. I went out to get in the car for a late afternoon snowcone run...it registered 109* in the sun...yeah, its August in Oklahoma...and to think them boys are out there doing two-a-days...yikes. Which speaking of...didya happen to catch that Hall of Fame Game Sunday evening? Indy and the Skins? Its almost football season baby!!! The Olympics will nicely serve as that desert oasis til it gets here. By the way...the Sooners are pre-season #4 where are YOUR boys?
Staying on topic...Brett Favre just came out of the bathroom in the Packers locker room, where he may have possibly took a leak. Upon leaving said room, Favre breathed. For lunch, Brett is reported to have eaten a ham and cheese sandwich with a wasabi/mayo dressing, romaine, and all indicators point to provolone cheese on sourdough. There is speculation that Brett Favre's socks today are white with red stripes at the top...indicating that Favre may be secretly conversing with the Arizona Cardinals. This just in...Brett Favre is going home, no he just stopped to get some gas...a full report later.
Can we just stop....please?


RJ said...

Its almost football season baby!!! The Olympics will nicely serve as that desert oasis til it gets here. By the way...the Sooners are pre-season #4 where are YOUR boys?

BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris, in New England said...

107.3? Good god!!!

I've only been bowling once - I threw a strike my first time up and figured it would never get better than that, so I quit.

Yeah, I was 18.

Your bowling adventure sounds like SO much more fun!

Buck said...

Bowling with lil kids! Now THAT sounds like Big Fun!

And it's kYEW-pon, thanks for asking.

As for football... it'll be a while before my guys crack the Top 25, I'm afraid. In the meantime, we'll just bask in historical glory. Coz it's ALL we've got.