Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In the words of a good friend, yesterday was...splendiforous. Just gorgeous, low 70's slight, very slight breeze, high cotton ball clouds and Doc's favorite...blue skies. One of those "calm before the storm days" that we get here once or twice a Spring in Oklahoma. The rest of the week is suppose to be the norm for this time of year...wind...60's-70's...oh...that would be wind speed, not temp. So when you have a day like that, you take advantage. We did. When The Queen found her way home we ate a quick leftover bite and threw in the poles and went fishin'.

The Royals were pretty excited and P2 per her M.O. cast questions all the way. The Prince was happy just to be along for the ride, and HRHTDP couldn't stop giggling, i mean, she was STOKED!

Upon arrival at MamaLou and Papa Toby's, you would've thought the inside of our car was on fire the way they were struggling to get out of their carseats! Only to be greeted by the...you know when you take your car into those car washes with the giant rolling bushes that go over the hood and top of your car?...That's what Zoe's tongue looked like going over The Royals...you just gotta watch out for that swinging black beam on the other end that, for them can be anywhere from chest to nose high. Have you ever seen that beam on sailboats that swings around horizontally when the wind changes direction? Yeah, its kinda like that. She's a DOG! MamaLou and Jesse standing there laughing..."oh Zoegirl giv'em some air!" Its always good to be out on the Lazy B.

P2 decided she would rather go with MamaLou and Jesse to look at the new chicken motel, so HRHTDP and i headed for the pond. Evening was drawing the curtains on the day, so we didn't have much time to putter. The pond was placid with an occasional breeze chasing some tiny ripples across the surface. Any bug that lighted on the liquid veneer was greeted by an explosion of water, scales, and death. Had Her Majesty had any experience whatsoever with a buzzbait, she would've killed'em! But this being her first time out, it was hook, bobber, and 1/8 oz. split shot. We pulled the car right up onto the dam and as we got out into the still evening air a few coyotes wound up their lonesome calls a few hundred yards to the east and all seemed right in the world...a father, a daughter...fishin'.

I got her all fixed up...threw in the line and as soon as the bobber hit the water BAM!...."Daddy, i gotta peepee!"

"Well...can you wait a little bit?" I glance at the bobber... Nibble, nibble. "No Daddy, i really have to go!" Nibble, nibble. Oh man, the hunter/fisher in me wanting nothing more than to find out what exactly it is working that piece of corn over. "Well baby, just go over behind the car and go in the grass." Bobber disappears while my attention is diverted. "OH!"...missed him. While she goes around the car, i reel her line in, and grab Daddy's pole! Throw in a plastic worm, give it a couple revolutions on the reel and "WHAM!" My pole bends over, and i missed that one too. Having a bum elbow on your jerkin' arm makes for some irritatin' fishin'.

Well she got her business taken care of, mostly all over the back of her shorts, and well...like all good Dad's do in that situation, i wiped her down the best i could with the emergency wipes in the car and WE KEPT FISHIN!

Well, after 45 minutes or so we were still skunked, them little buggers just kept stealin the corn right off the hook! Next time i'll get some grubs or some bacon, somethin that won't slide right off the hook. So we got blanked our first time out...well, HRHTDP did, at least PapaToby brought me a nice cold Shiner! We wrapped it up andwent up to the house and visited with the Lazy B residents and looked at their recent trip to Scotland pics. Never a bad day at the Lazy B, fish or no.

The ride home sure was quiet, i think they were all asleep before we hit the end of the driveway. The Queen and i had time to visit in peace.



Junk Diva said...

Sounds like a great evening.

Inquiries said...

I am with the Diva. It sounds great. Except the back of the shorts thing. Yuck!

Bag Blog said...

Girls just don't pee in the woods as well as boys or bears. It takes training. I was a grown woman before someone taught me the best way to miss your pants. Now I can pee outside with the best of 'em.

Buck said...

...PapaToby brought me a nice cold Shiner!

Now that's fishin'! ;-)

Lou: Say what? {big ol' grin!}

Half Pint said...

I was once asked if given the chance to spend one day as the opposite sex. what is the first thing you would do? I said... pee standin up.

Anonymous said...

I think Madison was a little embarassed that she peed on herself at first but it helped when I told her that even mama had trouble not peeing on herself when we first started going camping, fishing, etc. It definitely takes practice! Boys have easy in that department! Now that Prince Noah is doing back flips and hand springs off my bladder, I'm still trying to make it to the bathroom without peeing on myself--and right now squatting to pee is totally out of the question!

The Queen

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Interesting takes on this subject! Y'all ever hear old folks, when their parts are exposed, they say something like..."Oh, just took your picture!" I never really understood that until now...being a guy, we just point and shoot.

Course of Perfection said...

Most people don't like to fish if the fish aren't biting. I personally love it either way. I can stay all day if they're bitin' or not. Sorry, Bill Dance.

Using the outside facilities, as a female, takes skill. There's always the risk of the wet shorts thing. Plus, you have to determine proper height & pressure to avoid backsplash. Hang in there, HRHTDP!

Bag Blog said...

Never heard that one, Piper. But if you take your daughters fishing, be ready to train them in the art of outdoor peeing - don't just send them off to fend for themselves.

man2followJESUS said...

great post...are you sure you don't have a little Louie L'Amour in you?
i am really missin' the kiddies now. Can't wait for Noah to arrive to make the trek down to see everyone!