Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Post Feeding Troughatic Stress Syndrome

This evening after a family favorite supper of linguini with artichokes in white sauce, lime pepper and olive oil grilled chicken, and assorted leftover veggies, The Queen and P2, who has become the self-designated kitchen helper, were tidying up the aftermath.

The Prince was still wallowing in the olive oil he had spread over 90% of his body surface during The Feeding, and HRHTDP and i had excused ourselves and crawled into the living room to take in the last segment of American Idol. I realize this is going to come as a shock to you, dear reader, but i became bored with said program. One can take just so much of the preliminary bad singing and degenerates who want their +/- 4 minutes of glory to look like a complete ninnies. I find that i agree with Simon 95% of the time at this point in the season. I digress.

Boredom gave birth to orneriness and i grabbed HRHTDP and began kissing her cheek numerous times, squeezing her tightly as i did. She, as she is wont to do, giggled uncontrollably, squirming as much as a 4 year old can in the clutches of her adoring daddy. Until she finally exclaimed, "Daddy you're makin' me pee my pants!" To which i immediately released her and busted out laughing, informing her that she just gave me today's blog fodder. I'm certain YOUR dad NEVER made you laugh like that.


Buck said...

I'm certain YOUR dad NEVER made you laugh like that.

You're right on that count, Jay. ;-)

I think my word verification has some applicability: "imezvwet."

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Funny...i think she said something like your word verification somewhere in there.

Dawn said...

I hated it when my daddy got like that, he'd tickle and tickle till I couldn't breathe, now I can see I was not taking the right aproach in the matter.
Mr Piper, we just got a new cd in the mail today,
"Best of the Chieftains"
I absolutely love it!!!
To soon to have a favorite song but I really like-
"Boil the Breakfast Early"

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

D2D: Here's a little something that might interest you. Saw this show last time they came through...from a raw musical talent perspective, its the best show i've EVER seen. Here's the link...The Chieftains

Bag Blog said...

My dad did not tickle us kids that I can remember, and boy am I glad.

Dawn said...

hmmm, a little pricey for a good seat. but it sounds like so much fun!!!!!!! looks like a really good performance on the 20th too, did you look?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...been there,more than once. Dad got in trouble! That part WAS funny.

man2followJESUS said...

Auntie Tamala keeps wondering why I'm upstairs in the office and keep busting out laughing. I told her she's GOT to read the blogs. This is just too funny.