Monday, February 04, 2008

A Boy named...

Today's blog is sponsored by..."Bad Names Anonymous" a company dedicated to parents who have acknowledged their senseless acts of cruelty by giving their lineage horrible names...

QUEUE: rolling harp

With the kitchen closed and most of the kingdom making ready for bed, i'm standing at the bar considering a new post... when what to my wandering eyes did appear but the smiling Second Princess prancing near.

I could tell from whence she came that she had been speaking with The Queen...

P2: (beaming and in a half whisper) We're gonna name the baby...Noah!

Me: You like...?


Her Royal Highness The Drama Princess: (following her from a few feet) NO! WE ARE NOT NAMING HIM NOAH!

Me: Oh? Well...what do YOU suggest?

HRH The Drama Princess: I want Pupcakes!

Me: pup...cakes?


Me: How bout...Obadiah Schnardfarker?


Me: How bout...Weshepwa-Shaun?

HRHTDP: NO! Those are silly names!

Me: Farina Minchada?


Me: We might as well call him Sue.


Me: C'mon...Pupcakes?


Me: Its gonna be Noah.

P2: (following the conversation tennis style... smile returns, obviously the sensible one)

The conversation drags into The Queens chambers...

Me: wanna tell your mother what you wanna name the baby?

HRHTDP: Pupcakes!

The Queen: Pupcakes?...we might as well call him Sue.

P2: (a little more serious at this point) His... NAME... is ...NOAH.

Me: How bout...Mortimer Montague?

HRHTDP: (Eyes rolling) OK how bout...Brandon...

Me: Well...that's the first sensible thing you've offered.

The Queen: Dwaine C. Fudpucker...


Me: Well...Sue it is.




Buck said...

That was good, Jay. Really good! ;-)

Dawn said...

Thanks for the laughs, Piper,
always a joy!

inpassing said...

Funny Story. BTW, I like Noah!

Anonymous said...

Pupcakes it is! Name him Noah if you want but Uncle Michaelangelo Deerslayer will call him pupcakes!

Ashley said...

That was a funny story! Out of the mouths of babes.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Uncle Buck: Wow...thanks! I'll take that.

D2D: really?...always? just checkin' ;)

Mrs. Napkins: glad you approve, we think its a keeper, check this out.

Bro...better watch the Cash video to find out what happens to guys like you.

Ash: wait til you read what i got next...if you haven't already.

Nancy said...

NOOO NO NO Brandons

As a classroom teacher, I tell you...NO do not name your child Brandon..

sorry, am having flashbacks. Every teacher gets them when people talk about what to name their kids. Some of the teacher's I've known have had terrible times figuring out what to name a child...tooooo many memories.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Have no fear, Brandon is not in the mix...not even on the ingredient list...i'm not even sure it made the cookbook.

Bag Blog said...

Great story. I can just see P2 with her impish little smile - the wise one.

I've seen Noah a couple of times lately other than the usual place. It's a good name - not quite as Scottish as Keith or Craig, but a good name.

Doc said...

Agree. It was good. And I was surprised there was no link to that Cash video. So here.

man2followJESUS said...

Oh My! That was the greatest! I laughed out loud more than once. I can just see HRHDP rolling her eyes with her response; especially after what she said up here at Christmas to me. I thought I would just crack up right in front of her.
We need to have a tiny blue t-shirt made up with "Pupcakes" on the front of it. THAT is TOO FUNNY! Where do they come up with this stuff? It's too bad you not like in a reality show where all they do is follow them around and catch all this on film.
**I'm really behind in reading the blog...but I'll get caught up**