Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Returns...

That tax return check is burnin' a hole in our pockets. Oh we're doing RESPONSIBLE things with it sure, but on Sat. we all went out and got us some new kix. We're standing in one aisle and i've got a Merrill on my right foot that i'd been test driving and then the epiphany (queue angelic voices and radiant beams of light) i see these Doc's. I slide that baby on, and its like oooooooohhh.... ahhhhhhhhhhyeah. You just can't beat a good Doc. The Queen looks at me then at the shoes, and goes, "Get'em both."

The woman knows me.

She apprehended some new Nike's for work. The Prince got some sweet hiking boots. The girls...well nothing really sparked us, we're still waiting.

We also got a new celly in the holster. THAT was more of a need than a want...the want part came in the coolness.

We're also gonna check into a family membership at the local community center for the fat and flabby. The rest of the family is doing just fine, but after a few hours of volleyball on Friday night i feel like someone has injected glue into my calves, stomach, and arms. And there's been talk of 3-5 days of snow filled paradise instead of doing Christmas in CO next year. If that's the case, i wanna be the first one on and the last one off the lift every day.

Quote of the Day: On waking up with a scratchy throat, P2 illumines:

"Daddy, i think i need a raindrop"

It took me a minute to realize...she wanted a cough drop.


Inquiries said...

There is nothing better than shoe shopping. I love shoes. (I got it from my Dad not my Mom. hehehe)

Buck said...

Dang. It seems like everyone has a tax return to stimulate the economy with. And I haven't even begun to think about about filing. Mainly coz I always wind up writing a check instead of getting one.

Maybe it'll be different this year, election-year congressional bribes aside, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude...Seems you forgot the part of the day where I kicked your fanny at 9-ball...Oh well, it is your blog...

I know, I week will be your turn....

Bag Blog said...

Being married to a CPA means not doing your taxes until, hmm, say October.

Anonymous said...

I got guitar hero and a 50 inch plazma.... wanna come over ;) Keli

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Ash: I don't consider myself a clothes horse by any stretch but i do like a good shoe ever now and then.

Uncle Buck: that can tend to make one pause.

Dawg: Stop living vicariously through my blog.
oh and get to feeling better...there's volleyball to be played.

MamaLou: Well...that means Thanksgiving should be a blowout!

Lollipop Guild: sounds like you did your economy stimulation part.