Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pork...the other white meat

OK all you career military guys keep yer yaps shut on our shooting skills, WE GOT THE ONE WE WANTED!!

Range to target: 225 yards
Range to BIG TARGET: 250 yards


inpassing said...

That was cool, Piper!! Congrats on your hog!!

Doc said...

"Mmmmpf" >-) Success is its own best defense.

Bag Blog said...

Tell Bubba to learn some new words, Dude! Standing next to John Blue, "My ear is shot." Did that make anyone else laugh? Dude!

Anonymous said...


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Mrs. Napkins: Technically, its not my hog, i just enjoyed pulling the trigger a number of times.

Doc: I'm still chewing on that philosophy.

ML: Yeah, i caught that too, and when i showed it to The Queen last night we got a prety good laugh out of it.

Bo: See the link in previous post's comment section.