Tuesday, January 08, 2008

El Capitan: A Discussion

Before i start today's post..i...uhhh...hold on...Diana Krall is on Sesame Street.

Aaaah...to be Elmo for just a few minutes...

Anyway, i'm sitting in the library, where i just yesterday added the ENTIRE collection of Calvin and Hobbes, and i turn and realize...uh oh, there's no paper on the roll. Thus begins the age old question...

I finally decide on calling in reinforcements.

ENTER: Princess #1

Me: Could you get me a roll of t.p. out from under the sink?

P1: (in singsong) Yeah, sure!

walking over to hand me said materiele, seeing the skeletal remains of the last roll...

P1: I'm sorry i did that

Me: Aw...its alright...thanks.

P1: (looking up at the Ansel Adams above the throne) Who made all those tracks in the snow?

Me: I think it may have been just snow that fell from the trees and made holes in it.

P1: I think it was bears...POLAR bears.

Me: ya think?

P1: Is that the mountain that The Grinch lives on?

Me: You think that's Mount Crumpit?

P1: See that fog? And Whoville is down there at the bottom somewhere.

Me: So The Grinch lives there (pointing in a general direction)

P1: Yeah, and waaaay up there at the top, where he made a hole and lives there with his funny little monkey that bangs those things together on his hands.

Me: His what?

P1: That little monkey with the funny hat and he does this (where she begins to straightarm clap her hands together). He's funny!

Now i've been wondering around the house trying to remember where a cymbal playing monkey made the script...

Kids these days...terrorizing old minds.


Buck Pennington said...

...uhhh...hold on...Diana Krall is on Sesame Street.

Oh, to be Elvis! Just for a weekend... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a video of that entire.......scene.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

"I wish there was a video of that entire.......scene"

See especially the 5th scene of the collage...

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