Monday, September 17, 2007

Plains, trains, and...homesteads

I posted this as a response to a question on MamaLou's blog and thought it was worth posting here too. They are having a fabulous time up in Calgary, we miss'em but really just wish we were there with'em. You should go follow the link provided and check out her pics and paintings of Calgary and their stay there, yeah i'm living vicariously through them but...

It's the iconic nostalgia of Americana...they're just freaking cool. On that note...the other day i'm in the kitchen fixing some lunch for us, the day was beautiful so i had the house open. I heard this odd sound. At first i thought it might be my cell on vibrate, i checked The odd sound occurred again, this time louder, and more mysterious, i thought, "Is that bull pissed off at something out there?" So i walked to the back door and looked out into the pasture expecting to see that huge angus rolling something big into a small ball...nothing...then it came again...much louder and much more distinct. "WHAT IN THE...? That's a TRAIN!"

The RRX is about a 1/4 mile out our backdoor, when the trees thin in the fall and winter you can catch a glimpse of it, but now the view is still obscured so i couldn't actually see it. Apparently, there was a vintage train that came through town the other day and was giving rides. I knew nothing about it so it was a total surprise. It was so odd to hear that old whistle blow, and yet, when i figured out what it was i wanted to hear it again and listened until i couldn't hear it anymore. Nostalgia...Americana... it made me wonder how many thousands had heard that same sound from their early frontier homesteads for the first time and wondered
"What the...?"

They're just so dang cool.

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Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the link. I miss you guys too. Bo sent pictures of you and the family. We will be home soon.