Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today's Episode

OK, sorry for not blogging in awhile. But today's is worthwhile. The Prince has discovered..."the Firehose". The other night while getting his bath, the Queen reports that while standing in the tub, he began to 'leak'. Wherewith he noticed the stream arcing from his midsection and determined that the flow needed vector. Ergo, he reaches down and begins directional control of said stream. Before the Queen could grab nearest receptacle (a large OU cup normally used to pour clean water over shampooed heads) he managed to hose down the entire bath tub, control panel, and floor outside. Apparently, had there been a fire they would've been safe. Of course, the water was changed and nominal bathtime resumed.

In other news, the Princesses are about to explode with excitement, not unlike shaking a two litre bottle of Coke just before opening. The Queen is taking them to see the Disney "Princesses on Ice" this weekend and its only "Three more sleeps away!!!" Unfortunately, The Prince and i will sadly be unable to attend. I know, it's regrettable but i think we'll be able to find solace at Tulsa's fairly new Bass Pro Shops store there.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, like the boring analtyical drivel before the football game starts...I am proud to announce...the FIRST INSTALLMENT of SHAUN THE SHEEP!!! My absolute favorite new cartoon!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious... both the Prince story and the cartoon.

But I always thought his name was "Shorn" the sheep.