Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are you ready for some...

Didn't wanna let this one get away...

Last night The Queen and i had gone to do some yardwork on a house i've been busy with for a couple months (that story later). We had dropped off the rest of the royal family at the newly purchased and mostly remodeled Castle du Bagget, to play with the two Princesses (that being GBN1 and GBN2 for those in the know) residing there. They had a great time and apparently never knew we were gone. We were busy for a couple hours and returned to pick them back up hoping to make it home in time to start the 3rd quarter of the first installment of Monday Night Football 2007 Cincy v. Baltimore. Oh sure, it happened to be a double-header but...who cares its FOOTBALL SEASON!!! I digress, back to the real story. This short but telling conversation takes place less than a block away from Castle du Baggett in the backseat.

"Mama, can you read us a story when we get home?" inquires Princess #1.
"Well, after you get your night-nights on and brush your teeth, and get ready for bed we can read a story" replies The Queen.

You can almost hear the gears begin to spin, 'Ahhhh, she gave ground, now we can bargain' thinks Priness #1 and says, "Wellllll, how bout a short movie?" (emphasis 'movie').

At this point the King interjects, "Nope, no movies tonight...but you can watch FOOTBALL with me!"

No reply. Gears continue chugging.

(Meanwhile Princess #2 all along in the background and in singsong, "Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh")...

"Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the...Daddy, can we watch Winnie the Pooh?"

Then cometh the Hammer...quickly seeing, even at 4 years old the impending doom of the bedchamber looming ever nearer with each word of the conversation, exclaims authoritatively,

"NO, Leah!! We are watching Fantasy Football!!!"

Yielding immediate explosive laughter from the front two seats and a satisfied "Ahhhh" from the King. Yup, its football season.

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Bag Blog said...

Might as well train those girls early for a life of football.

I hear the Castle du Baggett took the first round of Fantasy Football. He may not say much, but when it comes to football, he is exciteable.