Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tough week...

Do you have any idea how much i HATE going to the dentist? Well, just so you know...i'd rather watch Texas beat OU everyday for the next year than spend 5 minutes in a dental chair. But today i had to spend about 7 hours in one. OK well, it was more like just over an hour, but it seemed much more like 7. I never knew that a simple cleaning could be so hellish. Of course, it doesn't help that i had a fairly traumatic experience as a child with seven teeth pulled all at one time. Is that common procedure? Sure, it was...over 30 years ago but still. Anyway, the right side of my face is almost thawed out so i thought i'd catch up a little.

The Queen is having a rough week. It all started on Sun. morning when she woke up with a little tweak in her neck. Its gotten progressively worse. There's been a little more stiffness each day, until this morning when she got up she looked like she was wearing one of those neck braces without actually wearing one. So she's home also attached to a TENS unit i picked up from the hospital while i was in seeing the beloved dentist this morning (don't get me wrong he's a really nice guy and the Queen works with his wife). But, i really encouraged her to take the day off, and i think she's glad she did. Its tough for her because she (being the Queen that she is) likes to hold her babies, and today at least, she can't. But the TENS unit is helping and she's at least upright.

Yesterday, i had fixed some lunch and it was a little late, not too late but laterthan the normal high noon lunch. The usual, mac and cheese a hot dog and some chips. Towards the end I noticed the Prince was struggling a bit. He was having trouble holding his head up and his eyes open. Eventually, he just slowly dropped what morsels he was holding and his head ever so gently nodded forward and met the table. The girls were giggling at him but he didn't care, he was in LaLaland. I was gonna get a picture but i couldn't see the camera and i was afraid that if i left him too long he'd fall out of the chair, thus abruptly and rudely ending the start of a good nap. So i eased him out of the chair and whisked him off to his chamber. The girls thought it was one of the funniest things they had ever seen.

Later yesterday evening, during dinner he was in top form. I had made some potato soup and he was simply owning it. I think he may have eaten as much as the girls did and faster. Finally, at one point i held a spoonful up for him and he wouldn't open his mouth. So i said, "Brother, you want some more?" and he looked at me, smiled, and emphatically shook his head "NO". It was a first, we all got a pretty good laugh out of it.

This morning he and the Queen were looking at a book and there was a picture of a dog in it and he pointed to it and said "Gog!" So we've had some definite steps toward solid communication. I absolutely know that he understands waaaaay more than we think he might. But, one thing i have noticed him paying attention to...if there's football on...he's watching.


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