Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On a darker note

In keeping with the byline of the site..."just stuff we talk about..." Here's a little food for thought. Normally, i'm not much given to politics or even world affairs for that matter, other than the occasional link to Milblogs such as Blackfive or some such. One of my daily reads has an interesting follow-up today to a previous post of one of her relatives fighting in Iraq. Her story reminds me of another blog i read this morning, and forces me to consider, "You know, i wonder what those soldiers of ours think of stuff like this?" I'm not being alarmist here but it is definitely cause for enough concern to at least look into the validity of the article. I mean, as previously noted, i am from the South. I can't imagine that the silent majority of conservative America is that far removed from handling these people ourselves, or worse, duped into thinking, "Oh the Gubment, knows, they'll take care of us if it gets out of hand". Apparently, its already out of hand.


Bag Blog said...

I would assume that our Government knows and is watching anyone who seems suspicious, but until they actually break the law, the law protects them. That is a large part of what our men are fighting for - those very freedoms that some groups seem to be abusing, but may in reality be just using.

There are those people who think our own fellowship is a militant cult. It could be that we are being watched too, and some group of "conservatives" might want to "take care" of our group.

I use to worry about such stuff, but then Reggie pointed out that our citizenship is of a different kingdom. Not that we do not have resposibilities to our country, but we have no fears either.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

True, but we also don't station armed sentry's at the entrance of the parking lot, and people haven't disappeared who have ventured into our "compound" (or so some i'm sure have used the term). I absolutely agree that our citizenship is elsewhere, but when it comes to having a terrorist, sheik-funded cell in basically my backyard that care nothing for the welfare of my wife and children, believe me, i'm keeping all my guns loaded.