Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Picture test Day

Today's post is a test so enjoy!

Pop quiz

Princess#2 has just a)stuck her finger in an outlet, b) woke up, or c) just allowed Princess #1 to practice being a "hairstyler".

Princesses #1 and #2 are watching a a)seal, b)sea lion, or c)piece of floating poop

In regards to a previous post by MamaLou, i decided to clarify a question...

According to the picture below, please answer the following question.

Which of the following is the REAL wild ass?



You may post your answers in the COMMENT forum. I'll be grading on the Bell curve, to help you all out.


Bag Blog said...

Question no. 1: Although c would be a good answer, having had children, I will go with B. Also, I have seen some of the hair-do's the King has practiced on his daughters and this do could be the result of an earlier do.

Question no. 2: Poop is always fascinating to kids.

Question no. 3: c) all of the above

Bo said...

I prefer not to take the test as the test is biased. It is biased against hairstylers, floating objects, Somalis, and wild asses. Until the test is tested for correctness, I will refrain from any test taking.

palmer_ths@yahoo.com said...

#1-C, #2-B,#3-I had to put my reading glasses to see the difference, and decided there was none. So, as an educator, question 3 is an invalid test question. Fellow educators were polled and decided there needs to be a (c) all of the above, for the question to be valid.