Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Test Answers

I have my reasons for not posting anything the past couple days, weak and embarrassing as they may be, but first we must address the last post.

Sadly, i am unable even to grade on the Bell curve, you all failed miserably. I'll go ahead and throw out this score as your lowest test score. I'm certain that on the next test you'll do much better and i'll be able to throw out that score too, as your highest. Obviously, we need a much needed review of the subject matter. Basic animal identification will also be in order.

The Correct Answers
1) B
2) B
3) A Why was this so difficult? I didn't realize with the information given (provided the sign was in small print) that this was going to get such a wide spectrum of answers.

I did find it interesting that two ex-teachers, both still functioning, if not surrogately in said role, scored so poorly, and failed to recognize the form of testing used (multiple guess, NOT essay, or explain your answer).

Note to those somehow offended by the "bias". I'm very politically incorrect, and you are too, that was a cheap copout, but i'm flattered you continue to read my blog.

Now on to the deeper, more pressing issue of why i haven't written in a little over two days. If you're not sitting down, you may wanna go ahead and do so. I (gulp) started a MySpace account... Now, now, wait, WAIT!!!! Before you fall off your chair laughing, let me tell you... it's MamaLou's fault, she's the one that hornswoggled me into it! There's a number of people we know, that have accounts on there and...i was doing it to shamelessly advertise for this blog (which i have effectively done BTW). AND DADGUMMED IF I DIDN'T GET HOOKED! It's WAAAAAAY cooler than i had ever given it credit for. I know, if this is say, The Wall Street Journal of the blogging industry, its still the Rolling Stone, flashy, hip, with a slight edge of youth angst, ok well, heavy on the angst. But as i said, its really catchy. WHY CAN'T WE PLAY MUSIC ON HERE??? Oh yeah, cuz (see it's already affecting me) this is the WSJ and (piously)"WE don't do it like that here". Of course, it's probably going to go so far as to make me stop using punctuation again. I really find it not unlike the "PC vs. Mac" commercials on TV. You know how phlegmatic and avante-garde the Mac is, and how academician and milquetoast the PC can be? But hey, to each his own...i am even learning how to write HTML now (probably cuz i have a PC, a Mac would probably do it for me). But never fear, i'll not stop writing in here, i actually still like this forum for blogging much better. Hopefully, my billboard for this blog on that avenue won't be too PC'ish. Speaking of roadsigns, here's one for ya... milquetoast to phlegmatic

HTML is a funny thing.


Rebekah said...

Brilliant...a link shooting to your myspace! Thats the way to get them hooked! HTML is soooo much fun to play around with!

Oh and BTW, to all you other people that read this.....I'm a myspaceer. So what he's saying is true....it does work. I read both his and MamaLou's blogs now! MamaLou is my art teacher, and a wonderful one at that, so now I get to see what's up with her every day life! There is a whole world of myspaceers out there waiting to read your blogs. So get out there and make yourself an account! lol

Bag Blog said...

I went to the "help" section of My Space to get some help in making my space more funky. It said to ask a friend to help. What's up with that?

Thanks for the compliments, but we all know it is easy to teach when your students are so talented.