Sunday, March 25, 2007

A few good quotes...

Yesterday evening this conversation took place between The Queen and Princess #1.

"Madison, what do you wanna be when YOU grow up?"

"A hairstyler."

"A hairstyler?! Well, ok, what if you're not a hairstyler, what do you wanna be?"

"A Doctor"

"A Doctor, i see. What if you're not a Doctor, what then?"

"I wanna be on Dirty Jobs."

"Ahhh, Dirty Jobs, well then, what if that doesn't work out?"

"I wanna be a giraffe helper."

I was told once that some people had a rifle approach to life, they aim at one particular thing and that's it for them. Then there are people like me who approach life with a shotgun, i think mine's sawed off just beyond the handle. Looks like Princess #1 got the shotgun, she'll like it, it's fun that way.

Conversation #2

The Queen wasn't feeling well, ok, she was in the bathroom laying on the floor with a pillow by the porcelain throne, in anticipation. Princess #1 comes in to check on her,

"Mama, what's wrong?"

"I'm sick baby, i think i'm gonna throw up."

"Do you need me to go get you a teddy bear?"

These are the tender life moments that can slip by and pass into forgotten memory, only later to be revived by some spark between the synapses of the minds eye by a sight, smell, or sound and forgotten soon after the fond reverie runs its course. Hence, the journal of this family tree still in its own Spring of life.


Bo said...

Personally, I've always wanted to be a rifle. I look at people who are really, really good at one thing and think, "Wow, wouldn't it be great if I was the best at something like that?" Then something else catches my attention and I move on to that. It's the old Jack vs. Master thing. Alas, I am a shotgun and come from a long line of shotguns. Some of whom are actually double-barrel shotguns (doing two things at once).

Bag Blog said...

Shotguns! What shotguns! You mean your parents who think, "Why not" or "Just do it". Life is too short not to go for it.

Why is the Queen sick? Anything we should know?

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Before you completely jump in to Lake Conclusion, understand the time of day for the sickness was evening, not morning.

For all my 3 other readers, bag blog is bo's mom, so her use of
"parents" was in the personal, not the general sense.