Thursday, March 22, 2007

Becoming Four...

Yesterday began with a song from the movie "Madagascar". The girls came into our room saying "Wakey, Wakey!!" which is a line from that movie. So i got up and put in the CD from the same and played a couple tunes, namely "I Like to Move It" and the theme from Hawaii Five-O. Something to get us all going for the day ahead. It motivated us sufficiently and we were able to get away by 10 o'clock.

The OKC Zoo is coming along nicely actually, as far as zoo's go. We went immediately to the Fins and Feathers show since it was the last of the day at 1:00 pm. Obviously, the sea lions were the big hit with the girls.

For some odd reason, and we haven't quite determined the origin, Leah was determined to see some pigs. Which she finally located in the Children's Zoo area, and again over in another section which she made absolutely certain we acknowledged that
"yes, those are definitely pigs." oddly located by the giraffes. Which turned out to be quite convenient since Madison's sites were zeroed on the giraffe's. We saw basically the entire showcase of animals, although as i think back we did miss the tigers. Madison had a great time and ran nonstop seeing everything she could, upclose, and as close as possible. At one point, she had been telling us that she was hungry, even though we had stopped at Sonic on the way up, she finally said, "Can we just go get a hot dog over there!?" We staved the hunger with some Reece's Pieces and that kept her mind off of it long enough to finish the Zoo and head down to her choice, Red Robin.

It was nice to finally sit in the car for awhile. We were all ready for Red Robin when we arrived. Madison decided on the "noodles" while Leah chose the good old standbye, "Chicken and fries". Jameson worked on a few fries himself.

Then... SENSORY OVERLOAD! We went to ToysRUs since we had a gift certificate left over from last years birthday. It was so fun to watch them both as we looked down each aisle, there were plenty of "this is SO cool" and "oh my gosh, THAT is AWESOME" and the girls said some funny stuff too. I was talking about some Little Tykes grill stuff that Jameson is sure to have in the future. Madison finally decided on a fairy dress (big surprise) that she had locked onto. I had found an "I Spy" game for them i thought they would all enjoy. So we max'ed the gift certificate and left KidSensoryOverLoadLand with a nice tidy bill of $2.98. A welcomed relief.

When we got into the car, Madison asked if she could wear her fairy dress when we got home. I said (so sure of myself) "Sure, if your awake!" An hour and fifteen minutes later, she was, and she did. Not only that, but there were also plenty of gifts from the fam in CO waiting for her when she got home. Papa and Honey, and the Aunties had hooked her up with some cool gear. Papa and Honey had just returned from Hawaii and sent her and Leah some great looking little sundresses with a tropical print on them. Perfect for the upcoming Luau party! And the aunties always come heavy with the presents. Which you'll see by the pics were a big hit. And she got cards from everywhere, aunts, uncles, grandparents, greatgranparents, life is good as a four year old.


Bag Blog said...

It was a great day for the zoo with some sunshine and warmth, but some cloud cover to keep from getting sunburned. Seems to have been a great B-day for M.

We took the kids to the San Antonio Zoo when Jes was about two. The big memory we have from that adventure was that a bird flew over and pooped on Jesse. She has since gotten over the trauma.

Bo said...

Fun, fun!

I think Leah wants to know more about the pig so she can get ready for the Luau! Just how big a hole are you going to have to dig?