Sunday, November 27, 2011

Give thanks...

I hate not having a camera.  I mean, i fully realize that folks like me have been journaling the activities of their families for thousands of years without pictoral help...and i'm using it as a crutch.  But, just like flipping through a book when i was a kid, i still like to look at the pictures first, and blogging without pics to prove the story really happened sometimes seems a bit less than what could be.  But, that's just me.  Shouldn't stop me from writing.  The camera is still lazing on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, someday (hopefully) it will make its way back home.

Thanksgiving is quickly becoming my favorite holiday of the entire year.  Fortunately, it still retains the simple tenets of its genesis...gratefulness.  Though i have watched the tentacles of Black Friday slowly infringing on it, I still enjoy the beauty of being with family, eating great food, and should the opportunity present...playing a few games.

This Thanksgiving was no exception...with my parents going to my brothers place in KC, and my other brother having his own in-laws to go to, The Queen having to work on Friday, we had a rare opportunity to spend this Thanksgiving with some extended family.  It was great!  Our family with three others equal to or larger got together and...supped.  There was no football, i didn't watch any of the three games on that day...and shockingly, i didn't miss them a bit.

The home we went to is a family of 12.  They have a fantastic kitchen!  I found Bob cooking some elk, and a turkey he had taken a month earlier.  Obviously, with a family of ten kids, ours disappeared quickly, and we only saw them at dinner time and occasionally when the games were brought out.  The girls ended up staying the night, which we had already planned on. 

It was a very...very peaceful day which we all enjoyed immensely.

I love Thanksgiving...and i'm thankful for the godly family he has provided for us to share our lives with.


Bag Blog said...

It sounds great. Any time at the Busy F is a great time. Your girls came by and helped deliver wood.

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