Monday, November 07, 2011

Entropy, meet Boy Scout...

Just so everyone knows...this whole earthquake thing...i'm just not getting it.  I didn't feel anything Saturday night when Bear Bryant rolled over, and i didn't feel anything about 20 minutes ago.  I ain't saying it ain't happening...i just ain't feelin it.  Now, granted, Saturday, we were on the road, making the trek to the house after the SEC sleeper.  Tonight, we had six on the bed in our room.  Two adults, four kids, and Monday Night Football make for reduced perception on any odd movements foundationally...since everything is already moving.'s my question to all the tectonic plate dance afficianados out are we to know that these are "aftershocks" and not harbingers of something a bit more serious?  What if it's the New Madrid or Wabash faults gearing up?  Its been 200 years since New Madrid did its last rhumba, just a couple ticks in the time scheme of the planet.  From the information coming from the seismologists and experts in the field...New Madrid is getting a little restless to dance again.  What if that Raton, NM hotspot is warming up again?  Or worse, the Yellowstone Caldera?  As beautiful as Yellowstone is...that is a cataclysm just wating to happen.

Again, these things have happened for centuries...millenia.  It's what this planet does...remember the old Law of Thermodynamics  "Everything tends toward entropy".  Well, like it or not, it is a scientific law and this planet is not exclusive, certainly (as much as we'd like to believe) neither is the good ole U.S. of A.  Best thing to do...Entropy meet Boy Scout...Be Prepared.

Lots of info out there about being prepared for disaster, no matter what way it evidences itself.  Maybe it's time to investigate and be a little more Boy Scout about it all.  Couldn't hurt.