Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Over the Road Blogging...


Please take this for what it is...we are calling you out. Put together all your All-Stars on one team, and meet us on any ice you choose. We win. In fact, i'll call the score...1-0 in a shootout.

-USA Olympic Hockey Team

Now that THAT hubris out of my system...i can move on.

I think my kids probably have the coolest dad on the block. I don't see any other dad's out there in the street riding their kids RipStik's. In fact, i rarely see any of the other dad's on the block out playing with their kids...period. But, never fear, i'm not going to break my arm patting myself on the back...i could do much better.

I'll have to have The Queen do some vid shots of me riding that thing...i look much MUCH STUPIDER at it than i think i do. In fact, i went so far as to challenge the Moondawg to bring his kids' Stik over and we'd go H2H. I told him i'm pretty sure i'm better than him and that the loser drinks LAST. I may actually change the stakes....winner gets Guinness...loser gets Abita Turbodog...i know that's not much of a loss but...we are talking about Guinness.

Its an absolutely gorgeous day here...we got clear skies and 49*. Just right for shredding! It reminds me that i forgot to post a few pics of the ice storm we had that refugeed us for five days.

Today in science we talked about winter and hibernation tendencies of some animals, they thought it was pretty cool. What they thought was even cooler was the project we did. We made a suet feeder for the birds out of some plastic cups. While i cut holes in the cups they went out and found the twigs for the perches. Then we gathered around the stove and stirred up some homemade suet. I use the term 'suet' very loosely, since it has no real suet in it whatsoever. I didn't have any and didn't want to run down to the butcher, so we used butter and peanut butter. I seriously doubt the birds are gonna mind. The girls will be so excited when the aves begin to flit around THEIR feeders.

While i'm waiting for the pics to offload, i've had an interesting request. A friend of mine has asked me to start another blog, and i'm seriously considering it. She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine who is going to help me through some health problems i've been having for years basically through dietary and supplemental means. Her request is for me to blog the metamorphosis since, in her words, "Women have blogged this stuff, and those reads are a dime a dozen, but to my knowledge, men have never done it...i think you should".

Hmmm...could be fun, well for you. Just as long as i don't piss and moan entirely too much about how much i miss smoked pig and beer.

Why natural medicine you ask? Well, basically because mainstream medical doctors and pharmaceuticals have done nothing over the past...20 years to treat the problem...sure the symptoms have been alleviated but the problem still exists, i'm ready to get better.

So, i'm thinking about it...i'll let you know.


Buck said...

re: Your first para and recent comment over at EIP... the Canucks just scored on the breakaway, 3-0 Canuckistan. WOW.

re: Give up beer and smoked pig? Buddy, you have to be REALLY ill (in the truest sense) to even consider that. But, more power to ya if you're serious.

morninglady said...

another blog! considering the content, you got yourself a reader here, mr. piper. This kinda thing is right up my alley.
give up the beer and smoked pig! this i gotta see

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

OK just so's we're clear...the beer part, EVEN by Dr.'s order, is only temporary...the pig? well...she had some issues with that...we'll be in mediation for some time over cause and effect of pig intake...but for an extended period that intake will be...subdued.

Bag Blog said...

I don't know if you are the coolest dad, but your kids are certainly blessed.

Catiche said...

Something to be said for homemade remedies. I just learned that a teaspoon of bleach in your bathwater can clear up eczema.But I'll have to tell you that the hot tomato juice recipe online does nothing for pneumonia.

So are you homeschooling your little people?

Anonymous said...

I said it once before and I'll say it again, U R A CHUMP...I'll take your bet and TRIPLE DOG DARE you to t-r-y to keep up(that's right, i went straight to the triple dog dare).

P.S. I got the nickname "MoonDoggie" for a reason...