Monday, February 22, 2010

The Five Concentric Circles...

Folks...i gotta tell'ya...i'm wore smooth out on Olympic Curling...i mean, i'm ScotchIrish and all but... good lord... i've just about resigned myself to thinking that watching China v. Russia women's hockey might just be more entertaining...basically cuz i'm pretty certain that both those teams are made up of individuals who barely missed the cut on the men's teams.

So far, my Olympic highlights have been:

The short track races with Ohno...freaking incredible...i actually get nervous during those races. Seriously, i could be a huge fan of THAT kind of turn left...THOSE are ATHLETES...yes Nascar fan, that is a slight on your...'sport'.

US vs. CAN last night was...without a of the best hockey games i've seen since...well...probably the late 90's/early 00's when the Av's and Wings were at each others throats. I love hockey without all the cheap hits and ridiculous fighting. It is so refreshing to see a couple teams passionately COMPETE without all the sophomoric BS.

And lastly...since i was a kid, i ALWAYS wanted to ski jump. There used to be a show that was a spin off of ABC's Wide World of Sports. The premise was to set up the average joe's sports fantasy and let them do it...mine was always to ski is the most graceful, most beautiful part of the Olympics...winter or summer.

As a side note, i've been watching more and more of the cross-country stuff lately. I don't know that those people may not be the most physically fit of the entire Olympic spectrum...there is endurance sports...and then there's cross country's other worldly. While here, i'd like to state that those Bi-athletes are then aliens...they are go THAT hard, for THAT long (2.5 kliks), and then stop...pop five slugs into a target the size of a silver dollar at 150 feet in about 20-25 seconds...get up and do it again FOUR MORE TIMES AT ALTITUDE (and if you miss you get to go even further! I tellya...when the proverbial shtuff hits the socioeconomic fan...i want a few of those guys/girls on my side.


Bag Blog said...

I put the ski jumping last night right up there with the curling...yawn. Give me speed or endurance anytime - real competition.

Buck said...

It is so refreshing to see a couple teams passionately COMPETE without all the sophomoric BS.

Agreed. As you know... I've been GLUED to the hockey and it's been excellent. I've caught bits and drabs of the other stuff (no ice dancing, thankyaverymuch) but the hockey is where I am most of the time.

Kris, in New England said...

Short Track Speed Skating and Apolo Ohno - oh yeah that's what I call sport. I'm with you - nervous and anxious for them.

Also love downhill skiing - amazing skill and hearts of lions!