Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I swear...i should pimp myself as a Sloganator. Maybe i shoulda gone into advertising and made millions like my cousin in CO Springs. OK maybe that's a bit of a stretch...he's pretty amazing. He's an advertising Chef...i'm a fry cook.

Anyway... a month or so ago we're at Sam's and bought a couple bottles of Axe shower stuff...for MEN...yeah...sniff, sniff, grunt, flex. I've actually come to like it, and if The Queen is down with it, then there's really no question.

So i'm giving the boys a bath this morning, and i said to The Prince, "All right dude, stand up and let's get your MAN on!" He grinned and said, "Daddy, you gonna use the MAN soap on me?" "YEAH BABY LET'S GET YA MAN ON!"

So we did on both of'em. Now we gots us some MANLY smellin' boys. They're even playing cars more MANLY.

When we got'em dried off The Prosecutor steps in to check our progress..."Daddy, i smell that soap..." to which the Prince, now asserting his manliness, "HE USED THE MAN SOAP!"

Thats right...he got his MAN ON!


dave. said...

I'm still kinda stuck on Irish Spring. Does this make me a man??

Bag Blog said...

Careful now! Too much of a good thing much of a good thing. Sometimes those smells can clash with other chemicals like your laundry soap and you become toxic.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

dave...when i was a kid, Irish Spring was very love/hate relationship for me. I loved the way it smelled, hated the way it made my skin feel dry and stretched. Now i realize that it was the hardness of our water and the way the soap reacted with it. I have just never overcome my childhood aversion, otherwise, yes...Irish Spring is very manly, i mean...have you seen the commercials with those hot red-headed, curly locked wenches falling all over those dudes?

MamaLou...apparently "Gettin my MAN ON" and our laundry soap live in symbiotic harmony in regards to the olfactory's...four kids later.